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Topic: Sample/Instrument Placement

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    Sample/Instrument Placement

    To what degree to you adjust the pan of a sample? I\'ve heard that theorectically, samples like SI, VSL, GOS etc. have the instrument already correctly placed/panned.

    When I composed using two JV-1080s, on occassion I would put the infamous Warm Strings (sustained strings) from JV one at 7 or 8 pan left and the same from JV two right at 7 or 8.

    Would you or do you ever do this sort of thing with the newer libraries?

    Also wondering to what degree you adjust any panning when laying down the intial midi tracks or do you reserve this for the audio tracks.

    I don\'t want to get too off-topic, but any info about your workflow, when you adjust panning, add reverb would be very helpful.


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    Re: Sample/Instrument Placement

    In my case, it depends on the medium I\'m writing for: if it\'s for tv, than you can be sure that I reduce the soundstage to 20%, meaning that I pan the instruments from middle left to middle right, seeing as how many people still watch tv in mono or with the left and right tv speakers barely more than 20 inches apart; for a feature, I will pan wider, say 60%, as I consider that sound designers/mixers like to have effects and ambience fill out the edges; if it\'s for home stereo listening/headphones, then as wide as I want (realistic might be 80%, experimental will be 100%). I try to base my choices on what is traditional in a \'real\' setting, but I\'ll sometimes cheat, in order to balance out the mix.

    BTW, I miss those JV strings! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Sample/Instrument Placement

    Thanks for your reply Ned. I never considered the medium issue.

    Listening to something on the radio recently I heard two pianos one way panned left another way panned right and then strings outside those on both sides. I remember I use to do this sort of thing, frankly, because I lacked the skill, and to some degree the samples, to get the effect I need with traditional placement. Seems like if it works for the sound needed, anything goes. I do expect I won\'t get that delicate clean sound that so many demos of the nicer libraries have doing this sort of thing though!


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