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Topic: GPO4 and Finale 2012 - I'm missing something

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    GPO4 and Finale 2012 - I'm missing something

    So I've just purchased, downloaded and activated GPO4. I use a MacBook Air, (with a Yamaha Digital Piano P-95), Finale 2012a.r3

    I just can't figure out how to change existing instrument lists from the Garritan that is supplied with Finale to this new GPO4. I'm obviously missing a simple step?

    Can anyone please help me?

    thanks - David

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    Re: GPO4 and Finale 2012 - I'm missing something

    Hi, David - I'm not a Finale user, so I'm wee bit sketchy on this. But basically, I know you need to add ARIA to the list of available sound sources, and use the instrument definition file for GPO. The previous versions of GPO used Native Instrument's Kontakt Player - that's what you're seeing in Finale when you use the basic Garritan set in Finale, right? This current version of GPO uses the ARIA Player - So,-- if you haven't added new things to Finale before, hopefully you can look the specific info up in the manual. My sketchy reply here should be in the right direction at least!


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