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Topic: VSL Pro Demos

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    Incredible demos, i like especially the piccolo trumpet and the percussion stuff...( waterphone, and celesta are incredibly )...also wagner tuba is great. The guys of vienna developing are making a great work...i give my best.

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos


    as always your user demos are superb.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    I don\'t know if you all agree, but that English Horn is great! At least I loved the somewhat dark emotional sound. Anyway, I have always felt that the English Horn is a underrated instrument and doesn\'t get it fair share of spotlight. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I also love that bass-bone!

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    My goodness...is it just me or is the VSL website a bit of a nightmare in 800x600? Somoeone\'s gotta fix that...

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    Thanks for the heads-up, Craig. Listening now.

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    Maarten, Traincatcher is astonishing!!!
    Never heard something so real from any library before. I like the composition too. You did it!

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    I actually love the eng horn.

    I generally hate this type of tone, but man.... the playability and the expression, the oboe has even grown on me in the pro edition. It really has opened my ears up to what I can do with the instruments and instrument patches

    Inspirational is all I can say

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    On the other hand, the solo cello demos by Herb were surprisingly disappointing. Strange, Herb is a cellist, isn\'t he? I always thought his ensemble demos were the very best of the VSL site so maybe I was expecting something else.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos

    I checked the new user demos from Maarten and Sharmy.

    I must say that these are very good, however I\'m missing the space and room which I often feel in real (good) recordings - I found that first from the EWQLSO demo, which had the space I expect from real recordings.

    Anyway, so we talk some more about individual instruments of VSL.

    Piccalo trumpet - I\'m little disapointed with the sound of P. trumpet, it is too thin and narrow.

    C-trumpet - Same problem as with the P. trumpet, but not as much. And the runs and trills are great.

    Horn in F - It\'s very good.

    Percussion - I find that I\'m not very happy with that section, it\'s too little power and strength in the sound. Maybe it\'s the mixing or something?

    Enough for now.

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    Re: VSL Pro Demos


    I have been listening to the VSL DEMO\'s, They are very nice, both from a sample POV and of course some fine writing. IT is very inspirational. I have been struggling along with the AO library. <hehe> I find myself writing more for my best samples instead of an open pallette. Until I have a more extensive library this is the best solution. I do have SOV and that helps a lot.

    Does Maarten have a web-site of his work? I\'d be interested in learning more about his background and rig. To my ears, he\'s really nailing it. Sharmy is doing a great job too!

    Garius Hill

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