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Topic: Fewer demo's?

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    Fewer demo\'s?

    Hi all, is it me or is there less posting of new demo\'s or excerpts/complete compositions here than before?

    Btw. Seth, did you post Vota demo which you were composing(?).

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    Re: Fewer demo\'s?

    Yes, I have noticed that too. I think that people are too busy making money with VSL now, therefore the fewer demos [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: Fewer demo\'s?

    Hi Falcon!
    How about you? Still no demos on your site! Go ahead, I\'m courious [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] !

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    Re: Fewer demo\'s?

    Markus, I\'ve posted some demo\'s here in the past however most of my works rely on strings and my soundfonts just aren\'t of enough quality to share right now. I\'m hoping that it will be history in or after September, when I have new computer and hopefully some quality strings and woodwinds. Then I can also let Vota sing some of my choral works.

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    Re: Fewer demo\'s?

    Hey Falcon
    No I never did post any of my works yet. I was in the process of moving into a new building and setting up studio, and that never went through at the last minute I expect the 1st week in september to be settled in the new office and will be finishing some scholing most of August before I can work anymore music wise. I am working on a new track with my church that will be exciting when it\'s done. I\'m finally starting to sweat now that it\'s crunch time with VSL Pro and still no idea of EWQL Library... I\'m just going to press on with what I have can not wait any longer,


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    Re: Fewer demo\'s?

    Hi Seth, sorry to hear about your trouble.

    Hope that you will be happy in your new office and that the creative spirits will come to you. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Anyway, I\'m looking forward to hear some of your music and if you ever need any help or input from a fellow composer then you can just send me PM or email.

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