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Topic: King's Contribution

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    King\'s Contribution

    King Idiot posted some articulation files for Ultimate Strings last year some time. I just want to say King completely (I repeat \'COMPLETELY\') makes the violins of that library sing. The original programming sucks big daddy long legs in comparison to the articulation files King has provided (FREE!!!).

    It just goes to show that after you record in greatest hall, with the greatest mics, mic pres, AD converters, five time grammy enigeer, major orchestra, snooty classical players with five degrees, it don\'t mean doo doo if the programming stinks.

    Honestly, I don\'t know why King hasn\'t released his own library based off all the already existing cheap ones. He\'d spin a fancy on them for sure.

    Thanks, King.

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    Hey Marty

    Are they still available on the net somewhere?. His programming for the Garritan string library is the big feature for me and I\'d love to apply his arts to US.



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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    Hello Marty,

    I also will be happy to have these art files.


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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    Originally posted by Marty:
    Honestly, I don\'t know why King hasn\'t released his own library based off all the already existing cheap ones.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Copyright.

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    King, are these still available? I did a search for your post that linked to a website to download them but couldn\'t find the post.

    And, of course, copyright is the problem. but still if he can turn your library into something that shines, make him part of the deal (or anyone else for that matter.

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    Did you hear his work on GOS?
    It\'s almost freaky [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    well, i do know that the some of the composers interviewed said his tweak was the one they were using in their work.

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    Re: King\'s Contribution



    I have to say that I think quite a bit went into the giga version when it first came out. The actual conversion isn\'t the same as the Akai. That said, I believe that *Dynamic* Xfades are just needed for any type of sustaining orchestral instrument.

    The Ultimate strings Art file was a work in progress. I never got around to doing the whole lib, but it would be easy to do, and I\'ld like to go back to it to make some simple updates for giga users.

    Maybe I\'ll set up a donation box with pay pal or something, tho I may have figured this part out too late as I\'m trying to get away from swamping myself with edits I might not use much myself [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    I\'ve got ALL these new libs, I want to spend time with those and build a template.

    BTW, some of the art files are jsut beta \"ideas\", some of them I cant even remember what I changed [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Make sure to save an ART file of the original programming so you can \"roll back\" to it if you want.

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    I\'ll buy them!

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    Re: King\'s Contribution

    I\'d buy them too.

    The difference is so big that it would be worth it to pay for .art files that upgraded this library.

    I\'d love to see updated art files for QLB and US

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