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Topic: EW-Bosendorfer

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    The mp3 demo of the EW-Bosendorfer on


    is very good.

    Is this piano good ?

    Anyone tried it (or own it ?)

    or tweaked it ? (for latest version of Gigastudio)



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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer


    I haven\'t heard it or played it. The Borsendorfer I use exclusively in all of my song-arrangements is from BardstownAudio.com It comes in the 16 bit and 24 bit version. Give a listen when time permits.


    and the link below..

    Alan Russell

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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer


    Let\'s call a spade a spade. There are TWO Borsendorfer Samples out there according to what I have read. It is of my opinion that the original poster of this thread should own BOTH of them. (His decision is what counts and I\'d love to listen to his/her experiences with either product) The more that one has in their sound arsenal the more possibilities. I support Kip\'s product after purchasing the 16 bit version a few months ago @$199.00 + shipping. The 24/7 support he offers is well worth more that price of the sample. I enjoy sharing my experiences as well as my non-orchestral song-arrangements with so many readers. Thanks for responding in an objective manner.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer

    There are TWO Borsendorfer Samples out there according to what I have read.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Actually there are three (EW, PMI and Bardstown).


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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer


    thanks for the third one. You learn something everyday.

    Alan Russell

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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer

    Again, I know i\'ve said this before and Alan this is not personal but simply my opinion on keeping a thread \"on topic\".
    Imho, just bursting in a thread where the guy asks for information on a particular library and simply \"plugging\" another in my opininon is rude even if it\'s done with the best intentions it\'s still rude, but then again that\'s just imho. I guess what I mean to say is, if you\' d done this once in a month or so I wouldn\'t think anything of it, but it seems every single time there\'s a thread on this forum or Tascam\'s either about the Post Bosendorfer or almost any other Piano library, if you\'re not offering negative remarks about the library being discussed, all you do is go in the thread and plug that other library, I don\'t know but to me that\'s rude and impolite.

    To be quite honest, if this was my library being discussed, and someone would just come in and freely plug another without offering anything at all about the library being discussed, I\'d be very displeased.

    Your argument about wanting to inform others about this great library you seem to love so much doesn\'t justify barging into every piano discussion thread and freely plugging this library in my opinion.
    If you were the actual developer this kind of behavior would never be tolerated, but since you\'re not, I guess it just seems rude to me.
    Again, nothing personal just my observations and my opinion only.

    Sorry for keeping the discussion off topic,
    *steps off his shoebox*


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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer


    First I\'ll recommend a search on this forum; in the past many people have expressed opinions on the EW Boesendorfer.

    As it ships from EW, it is very minimally programmed; 4 layers up + 4 layers down, no filtering. This programming means there isn\'t tonal variation with small changes in velocity, only when you cross velocity layers. I\'m not crazy about how this program plays. However, if you search through my old posts, I posted some instructions for tweaking the sample for velocity based filtering, and a couple of times when I\'ve had web space I\'ve posted .art files to modify it.

    The sample itself is excellent. The original instrument is a terrific piano, and Mr. Truan is IMO a great recording engineer. It\'s a fairly close mic job, and this is a big, bold, clean, and powerful instrument. I gotta reiterate powerful, I\'ve not heard any sample piano with powerful bass like this, it\'s pretty awesome. There\'s no phasiness in the perspective, and I like this sample end to end; it accurately captures what I hear when I play an actual Boesendorfer, minus the sympathetic resonance (sorry!); the real thing is very excitable and this one is comparitively too clean.

    So it requires tweaking to be a playable sample, but with tweaking, it\'s one of my favorite samples ever, a great bold warm solo sound, better legato than most since it\'s not percussive or tinkly.

    I often find other pianos work better in a mix, this one doesn\'t cut a mix or rise above it, and it can easily overwhelm the bass of the other instruments. I haven\'t tried fixing it with EQ or compression; I just turn to another sample whose tone and perspective fits better.

    I can tell from past postings that not everyone is crazy about this sample, I think I even understand why. But for me, this is always the first one I turn to when I want to play solo (every day for the last few years). This one has a magic something that moves me, something I haven\'t yet felt in any other piano sample, and unlike most, almost nothing that sits wrong and spoils the moment.

    You got a great sound from another Truan sample, if you like Boesendorfer tone I bet you\'d like this one too.

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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer

    Hi Sam,

    I spent time this afternoon, trying to search for your posts re: the mod for the Bosendorfer. A search on \"sam\" unfortunately included sample, so it didn\'t work very well.

    Anyway, you\'ve saved the day by posting yourself.

    Although I never actually uesed your patch with the EW Boesendorfer, I did use it - with great success - with the EW Steinway. (Gave me the sound I was after).

    You are correct about the bass of the Boesendorfer - powerful, amazing.


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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer


    Thanks Sam !

    i search in the forum !!!!!

    just ordered it !

    i\'ve send a private mail to Olivier Truan.

    you can see him at :


    (search musicians, and Olivier Truan on the page)

    Eastwest should update the Bosendorfer 275 and the Steinway B with new Patch, new programming.

    Because the samples are very good.

    (to use all possibility of Gigastudio and new soft samplers)



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    Re: EW-Bosendorfer

    Originally posted by Olivierbergman:
    Eastwest should update the Bosendorfer 275 and the Steinway B with new Patch, new programming.

    Because the samples are very good.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">A little history!

    This was the second piano ever programmed for Giga (the first was our Steinway B) in 1997!

    Both pianos were recorded by Olivier Truan, who is a great musician/engineer, and were programmed by Nemesys since Giga was not available until the following year. Olivier also recorded the \"Ultimate Piano Collection\" in 1995, which was the industry standard at that time (it\'s dated now).

    If there is a consensus on the best patches for the Steinway B and Bosendorfer 275, we will definitely update both pianos?

    Take care,

    Doug Rogers

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