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Topic: Looking for a Mod/Pitch wheel

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    Looking for a Mod/Pitch wheel

    Hello friends,

    I just bought my first decent keyboard controller (Korg SP-200) and it has no Mod or Pitch wheel. Does anyone know of a company that makes a stand-alone mod + pitch wheel combination? BTW, I don\'t need a knob/fader MIDI controller, since I already use my Nord rack for that.

    Merci! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Looking for a Mod/Pitch wheel

    I\'d also be interested in a stand alone mod wheel. I have an older Roland keyboard and the mod wheel is either ON or OFF, no smooth transitions.

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    Re: Looking for a Mod/Pitch wheel

    I don\'t know if this will help you, but I solved my problem by purchasing Midiman\'s Oxygen 8 controller. The mod and pitch wheels are small, the whole thing is pretty plastic, but at least I can modulate now! BTW, it only cost me about 120 US.

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