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Topic: VSL Perfomance set

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    Donimon, just to let you know that I couldn\'t access your website. Wrong url?

    Aaron, what\'s up dude - No new demo\'s or music for us to hear?

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    Ok I got into donimon website now. There are some really nice music there.

    Donimon, could you give me your computer spec? You use VSL, right? I\'m going to buy a new computer just after few weeks, so I\'m trying to gather some computer specs from fellow composers.

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    Choco - thank you very much for the compliments. We\'re waiting for a release date on that film - they\'ve been saying Sept. - we\'ll see.

    System specs - I\'ve got the VSL Perf. set on P4 2.4 GHZ and an ECS Mb with 1gb ram. Gina 24 card. I bought the mb and chip for $200 at Fry\'s. Build the whole machine for about $400. (running Win 98). So it\'s not some super tricked out rig - but it works. Hope that helps.


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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    donimon, for only $400? Damn I wish I lived in the US. Did you buy it online? If yes, do the ship internationally?

    If I buy from local stores I won\'t get it for much less than $1000. [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

    Btw. what graphic/video card do you use?

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    I would strongly suggest getting the Cube to match it. We\'ve just completed the beta testing of the Pro Edition. As an example, for the muted violins alone under under Sordino-Basic Instruments, there are 32 Instruments. That figure is pretty much the average for the string section, so overall, you have about 128 Instruments just for muted strings!

    My point is that there is an amazing amount of material and articulations in the First Edition Cube and the Pro Edition that aurally match the Performances. Plus, the amount of new material in Pro Edition is really overwhelming. Even the list we have posted at Truespec doesn\'t begin to cover it.

    So if you can afford it, do consider the Cube so you can take advantage of the VIP update plan.

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    I can understand that some of you do mix and match, but it seems that at some point you\'d hear the crossover. I do find A_Sapp\'s approach interesting though...is it really worth that hassle?

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    Originally posted by timzydee:
    I can understand that some of you do mix and match, but it seems that at some point you\'d hear the crossover. I do find A_Sapp\'s approach interesting though...is it really worth that hassle?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Not if you write for the sample (any library) like you do for a player.

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    VSL Perfomance set

    For all those out there actually using the VSL performance set...How limiting is it to only get this component of VSL. Clearly this contains the note interval samples for legato playing, but how common is it that you play a legato phrase and come to a sustained note and the samples just aren\'t long enough? Ideally you\'d use the complete package, but for the budget conscious the performance set is cheaper. But would I just be fooling myself by only getting that?

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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    I have it and it\'s amazing but I think you need something else. It doesn\'t have to be the cube, maybe just other libraries that you have. I use the legato strings from VSL but also use Garritan. So if you have other libraries, just use it to augment them. I find that I use the Performance Set woodwinds almost exclusively - there are some situations that they don\'t sustain enough, but I find myself modifying a phrase to make it work. Same with the VSL Perf Set brass - it\'s pretty cool, but you need something else for the stacatto,marcatto, etc. - but SAM is just awesome for that and for the price it\'s a must have. Hope some of my rambling helped you.....


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    Re: VSL Perfomance set

    Well, I hate that too, and the way I work around it is that when I hit the sustain note after a phrase, I just open up another track with the same legato patch and play the one note that I want sustained. Obviously you adjust you volumes so that the transition is smooth. Its a haphazard way of dealing with this problem, but its the only way that I know of. I would think at least YOU would have the performance set! Its one of those libs that once you get it, you can\'t live without it. The legato performances are that easy to play.

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