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Topic: PMI Educational Discount

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    PMI Educational Discount

    We believe that our PMI piano libraries are amongst the best available today. We want to make these libararies available for educational use (where budgets are often small). To do so we have a special discount: the educational discount for students and schools.

    Students and schools get 45% discount on all PMI GRANDIOSO titles in all formats and all editions.
    More info: Educational discount info

    We hope to support students and schools by making our libraries available this way.


    Michiel Post
    Creative Director,

    Post Musical Instruments

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    Re: PMI Educational Discount

    Thats excellent! I will have to buy one of your pianos now!

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    Re: PMI Educational Discount

    Hi Ed,
    That\'s what we\'re here for!

    Just decided that all of my libraries will be in the educational discount; all my organ libraries, the new Historic Keyboards lib, the Accordions, all of these.

    And we\'ll add the same discount for churches.

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    Re: PMI Educational Discount

    [EDIT] Nevermind, saw the link and got the answer i wanted =)

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    Re: PMI Educational Discount

    Very nice of you [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] !

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