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Topic: QL Rare Instruments

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    QL Rare Instruments

    Would anyone recommend this? I\'ve heard a few demos, and they sound awesome!


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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    I would reccomend this yes!.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments


    If you\'d like to hear some instruments playing solo, let me know what you want to hear and I\'ll throw together an mp3 for you.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    Hey Sam,

    Thanks man. No need to do that. I\'m looking at the Woodwinds CD from www.ilio.com as well. Even though Rare Inst. is more than double the price, would it be better to go with Rare Inst. rather than the Ilio disc?

    This is whats on my shopping list, I\'m just setting myself up in the orchestral area so bare with me...

    Garritan Strings
    Giga Studio 160
    SAM Horns
    Sonar 2XL ( I already use Cubase, but heard Sonar works much better with GigaStudio? True?)
    London Orchestral Percussion

    And either Rare Inst. or Ilio Woodwinds.

    What do you think?

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    \"Sonar 2XL ( I already use Cubase, but heard Sonar works much better with GigaStudio? True?)\"

    If you\'re going to take this seriously then you\'ll need to buy a seperate machine to run GigaStudio on, by itself. Use it as a stand alone hardware sampler. Research this and you\'ll find most if not all composers who are serious use a seperate machine for running GS on.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    Yeah I will be running Gigastudio on a seperate machine. Thanks.


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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    I see that you are taking strings, horns and perc, but you have no woodwinds at all...

    So if you are building an orchestra set up, you need full brass and orchestra woodwinds first, right?

    World Winds is a great lib. for the price, but it\'s a bit raw and not that user friendly...great sounds tough.. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    I would say go for QLRI. Pick up World Winds later.

    lex mentioned you didn\'t list winds in your \"shopping list.\" In my opinion, there is no good wind library to date (except for VSL and probably whatever EWQLSO will have to offer). I\'ve heard the Dan Dean Solo Woodwinds.. they sound fairly nice, but check out Kirk Hunter\'s flute library. He\'s also recording an oboe next. Kirk\'s pricing on these is very attractive, check it out.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    use whatever sequencer you\'re most comfortable with.

    none of them \"work better\" with giga IMO.

    the best is the one YOU work the best with.

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    Re: QL Rare Instruments

    Hi, do a search on QLRI here and you\'ll find tons of info.

    Also, you can run Giga on the same machine if need be. It depends on your system specs. I am currently doing an orchestral piece with GOS, AO, QLRI, SAM, G-Town, and even a bit of Atmosphere, almost all of it is on the same machine with no problems. To do this you mainly need a decent hard drive setup properly and plenty of ram. My CPU is only at 18% But I have almost 800 mb of samples loaded up.

    Obviously spreading things across multiple DAW\'s is more efficient but it can be done on one machine if need be.

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