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Topic: Some demos........

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    Some demos........

    I\'ve just started to build my own website and wondered if anyone could comment on the music I\'ve written. The actual website is very basic at the moment - it\'s purely there to hold the music for now. Here\'s the link : http://www.cpb-services.freeserve.co.uk/

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    Re: Some demos........

    This should take to direct to the music : http://www.cpb-services.freeserve.co.uk/music.htm

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    Re: Some demos........

    That\'s wierd - I just uploaded them today and they seem fine when I go to the website. How do you mean download to myself?

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    Re: Some demos........

    Sorry, I see what you mean (it\'s late here in England and my brain\'s tired!). Yeah, tired that - seems to be fine.

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    Re: Some demos........

    works for me.


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    Re: Some demos........

    Hi Doug,
    it works for me and I think it sounds very nice. I wouldn\'t give you any advice on mixing because I suppose you know that better than I. I specially like 1 2 ,3, but maybe 5 and 6 are too close to the style of three. Could be interesting to give some more contrast. And, sorry for this, but I think the strings in 4 are horrible. I don\'t think it has anything to do with your mix, they don\'t sound very natural to me. I use to believe the sampling of string sections is not at the point for now...
    Could you tell us what libraries you were using?

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    Re: Some demos........

    Hi Markus, thanks for your comments. Number 4 was SO hard to get the right sound (and your right, it\'s still not there). I\'m using GOS entirely for strings (well, a bit of DDSS thrown in) and the grand sustains for number 4 had the right sound but were a bit sluggish - tried using the King Strings but so muchtweaking was needed. The other libraries are LOP, Ultimate timps, SOV, DDSB, DDBE, GigaHarp, DDSW and Steinberg\'s The Grand.

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