Hey all, great forum you have here!

With all the RAM and multi-PC discussion, and the limit of HD seek times, I was wondering if the following could amount to a \"dual channel\" setup for the secondary storage.

Channel 1 is the IDE controller built into the motherboard. It connects to the file IO chipset more or less directly.

Channel 2 would be a second IDE controller via the PCI bus, which then also connects to the file IO chipset.

This assumes that the overall seek time is determined in part by the actual swinging and reading of the HD drive arm over the disc platten, and also the overall management time used by the IDE controller.

Therefore, if a second channel were introduced via an independent IDE controller, a certain fractional benefit could be realized thanks to the shared management between the two controllers. Moreover, if the libraries were installed \"strategically\" between the two drives, then it seems possible that I could minimize the seek time problem by directing the rendering demands of my composition between the two IDE controllers.

This may be completely unrealistic, and I wish I had some charts to show. But this is more of a spontaneous idea, I actually do have an IDE controller card handy, so I guess I could do some experiments. I\'ve also noticed a lot of smart folks around here so I was wondering if anyone has already tried this.