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Topic: Considering DDSW Lite

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    Considering DDSW Lite

    I\'m thinking of getting DDSW Lite. I have no decent woodwinds at all, except KH Flutes. When I need an oboe or clarinet or bassoon, I fall back to AO.

    I\'m wondering how different the Lite is compared to the full edition? Will I be missing much? I know that there are more notes per sample.. anything else different? I\'d just like to know if anyone here owns the Lite version and if it gets the job done OK.


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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    Why not get VSL Performance set?

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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    my guess is about 800 bucks

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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    I don\'t have the $$ for VSL at all. I DO have $$ for DDSW Lite.. maybe.

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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    Why not get VSL Performance set?
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Is it a brainer? Some of us here are on extreme budget, so we can\'t afford the big libs right now.
    Also, some of us are building our first complete orchestra.

    I\'ve been asking for comments for DDSW lite for a while but still no answer. Is it because no one have it or what?

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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    And I bought the full library myself, and can only comment on that. I like it, that\'s for sure. Been totally worth it! But I wish I could comment on the lite version specifically. The LT versions in the full versions aren\'t bad at all, and can be hard to tell from the full version, from what little I played with the \'lite\' version within the main patches.


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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    Maybe Dan Dean or someone else can correct me, but I THINK the only difference is more notes per sample (more region stretching). I think all the velocities are preserved. Can anyone confirm this? If this is the case, I have no problem with that and I\'ll pick up the library when I can..

    EDIT: Devon, if you get a chance, could you possibly load the .gig into GSEdit and compare the full & lite versions to see what\'s different?

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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite


    From what I remember, the light version just had 2 velocity layers compared to 6 on the full version, and also was \'stretched\' across some keys, unlike each chromatic sample in the full. The quality, to me, is outstanding. One of my friends stayed over and house sat while I was on my honeymoon, and I let him have access to my studio. He was all in love with the solo brass, and couldn\'t stop playing it either. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    If you want to know FOR SURE, call up Al at MTLC and ask him. I know he knows. 877-687-4270. He\'s the man!


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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    Originally posted by DevonB:

    One of my friends stayed over and house sat while I was on my honeymoon, and I let him have access to my studio.

    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Going for holiday again Devon??? Need a house sitter?? [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]


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    Re: Considering DDSW Lite

    there are actually 8 velocities in the full version.

    2 in the Lite. I believe its only mp/mf dynamics.

    I\'ve been pretty straight forward about my thoughts on DDSW. I think alot of it is a waste of space (stereo when it can be mono, and 8 dynamics that aren\'t varied enough, and super long sustains of fairly non expressive/static sounding sustains). So the lite version is prolly worth it. still I think you\'ll be missing out on the extreme dynamics. The ppp samples can be nice.

    How can you live without sampled trills tho?

    I understand that its your budget, so when you think about it this way..... whats your other option? If you need woods... there really isn\'t one (right now), other than XSample, and I believe its impossible to get all teh woods at a similar price to DDSW lite. I dont think there\'s any two ways about it. Its your only choice, settle, and find out how you can make it better (there are things you can do)

    Also, you haven\'t really discussed what you want to use the samples for. Solos? or jsut more woods for orchestrations (ddsw can work fairly well here if you add some filtering and try and play in different expression curves purposely)

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