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Topic: Piano Madness

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    Piano Madness

    I now have almost all of the sampled pianos on the market in my studio. I have some comments on my favorite sampled pianos. Keep in mind that I am no virtuoso and play piano like a drunk Keith Jarred.

    Steinway D from EAST WEST: I love Steinways and this is a great sampled piano. It is missing a beautiful soft velocity layer, though. That soft subtle hammer sound is missing. It does, however, have that nice Steinway zing on the loud dynamics. I wish it was a tad more ambient.

    Malmsjo: Beautiful, soft and subtle and takes very well to reverb because the sound is balanced and already ambient and it has almost no top end. Great tinkly film score stuff. No definition or power, though.

    Nemesys 1 gig Piano: I still like this piano. I like the soft dynamics, quite a bit. Sound is a little middly and odd, but still a nice piano. very playable. Medium power and a little dry.

    PMI Bosendorfer 290: The ambient programs are very ambient and the dry program has perfect ambience for everyday use. In other words, the dry program is pretty wet!! This is one sweet piano. Great complex balanced tone with lots of sparkle. Still, I think there needs to be an extra super soft dynamic layer, for this to be the perfect piano.

    Franky\'s Yamaha C7: I really hate it when someone samples a bright piano and forgets to capture the sound of someone playing it softly. Thankfully that is not the case with this piano. It has great dynamics and nice sound. The 3 different perspectives all sound good. I love the ambient samples. There are a few questionable sounding notes to map out, but no big deal. Basically this sounds like a real piano. Sound quality isn\'t perfect, but I like it alot.

    So basically this yet another opinion on pianos. This is my must-have list. Lots of other good or great ones out there, but these are the ones that grab me.

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for the nice comments. I wasn\'t sure if the Malmsjö was going to be your \"style\", so I am glad to hear you liked it!


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    Re: Piano Madness

    Oh I really want to get the Malmsjo but I really want it to be able to do some sort of less ambient but jazzy stuff... anyone got any examples of this piano but in a less classical or (tinkley) film score type context?


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    Re: Piano Madness


    It is correct that I have a Steinway model B sample in production. Unfortunately, I am not expecting to have it ready for release until Winter NAMM.

    The Steinway is a 1960 model B made in Hamburg. It has a brighter presentation than I normally associate with this model, and it is recorded with the same technique and perspective as the Malmsjö, although in a larger room.

    I have hope for this piano to be a good all-round instrument, because the brightness gives a definition even at an ambient perspective.

    There is an .mp3 of a test instrument I made up of the mezzoforte layer only. It is a Bach Partita, and very limited in range and dynamics, but at least it can demonstrate that it has a totally different character than the Malmsjö:


    Maybe this can help you decide which way to go, although I would reserve the final judgement of this sample until all velocities (ppp-fff) are ready and the total sonority of the piano can be appreciated.

    Sorry for hi-jacking this thread, it wasn\'t my intention...

    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Hans i really want to listen to the most \'modern\' (as in music type) demo for your Malmsjö. I just want to know if it can sound a bit like the piano in Ally Mcbeal or Mike Posts piano sound he uses for Philly for example. I -dont- want to get that exact piano because I also want that tinkly piano film score sound too ;-) I would just like to think that your Malmsjö can be more of an all rounder than some people seem to suggest.


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    Re: Piano Madness


    Danny Lux says in the interview in Garritan\'s Forum, that he is using Warren Trachtman\'s Steinway for Ally McBeal. This piano is one of the very first piano samples made by an independent developer for GigaStudio. It is rather inexpensive. I just wanted to point that out even though you said you didn\'t want that exact piano.

    Send me an e-mail, and I will try and come up with something for you. Just take out \"DONTSPAM\":


    Hans Adamson
    Art Vista Productions

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Here\'s Warren\'s website:

    Warren Trachtman

    Great piano, a late 1800s Steinway C. Great cutting high end, lots of presence in the sound, nicely mapped, releases, the whole shebang...and Warren\'s mapping and filter design for that piano is a great study.

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Really like the sound of the Malmsjo. But I am waiting for the Steinway library that I understand Hans\' has in the works (B, C, D?).. Hopefully we won\'t have to wait for Giga 3 before it\'s released. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Playable pianos are Steinway B(Truan). Now there is a piano that doesn\'t do pling plong.

    Kevin Moreland\'s Kawai KG-2E. Very affordable and look out for Kevin\'s new version:about 4 gigabytes in size. There are two mic positions available (an M/S Bluemlein distance mic similar to the original and a close mic\'d version). There are also two types of gigs: a regular version and an una corda version, so there are 4 giga files total. All gigs have pedal up, down, and release layers.

    And dare I say it, Mats\' freebie piano, the Maestro Concert Grand is a enjoyable play although it is only pedal up and therefore lacking in resonance

    Other pianos can sound good too but I find most of them too jumpy when dynamics change(from mf to ff or ppp to mf). Maybe someone should do a looped piano again but this time with 16 dynamics or more to achieve the next generation of sampled pianos.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Piano Madness

    Listening to Hans\' Bach. A LOT of character to that instrument. I like it.

    I agree with Nick\'s views almost completely, save one big exception. I prefer the ambient Post Bos to the dry samples; in fact, I actually add MORE verb to his ambient sample. Call me crazy.

    The Tractman piano is very realistic, one of the most realistic on the market. But for my ears it has limited application. Not really for classical.

    I\'ve almost turned over one quarter of my Well-tempered Clav to Post\'s Bos. Still getting a feel for the sample. Some of my stuff is too ambient or reverbed, but overall I prefer the result to my previous Steinway/Mag combo. Haven\'t played the Post Bos live yet. Gotta set up that keyboard!


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