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Topic: Old library discussions/stuff

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    Old library discussions/stuff

    There\'s been alot of raving about the new stuff in the orchestral market, I miss the old days about pushing the old libraries further.

    I\'ve beeen going back and tweaking on QLB in Kontakt and its freaking awesome!!! This library has taken on a whole new life here. Its gotten me interested in converting alot of the AO phrases and stuff like that. If I didn\'t have VSL I think AO would go right back into heavy use by me with some new programming.

    Anyone still chugging away on the old stuff and pushing it further?

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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff

    It\'s funny you should say that King, I am trying to wring the best possible results out of AO plus Sams free stuff and G-Town.

    I do have GOS plus Sam Horns/Bones but still use AO winds, solo violin and some phrases here and there.

    I believe Rob Kral still uses AO a lot, I think he described it once as a toolbox. At least someone did....

    As for pushing the lib\'s further I don\'t know that I\'m doing that (or have the editing skill to do so), I am putting in a submission for a job as an in house game composer and am trying to get the best sound I can.

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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff


    Funny you mention it. It was Sharmy who posted an \'overwhelmed\' thread awhile back, in effect saying we are spoiled for choice.

    At the moment I am at a crossroads, wanting the perfomance set and waiting on the EWQLSO. However, with several jobs on the go I am still forced to work with what i have and had a lengthy debate about it the otehr day. It is almsot as if I am trying to squeeze all I can out of what I have before moving on.

    I have a folder of reworked AO bits ready for time/ pitch etc always ready in my Autoload. Before they were clippings in DP. I agree, so much can be and has been done with what\'s
    already available. It\'s just that the new stuff makes it seem as if it would be more efficient.

    Anyhow, enough stream of consciousness musings......


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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff

    1) I like the fact that when using old libraries you only need one computer for everything. The older the library the more powerful the computer. What\'s really funny is that the new libraries are pushing people back to the old days when you needed lot of samplers, nowadays computers.

    2) Due to their size, old libraries are easier to manipulate. I spend too many days (perhaps weeks) correcting the Xsample series.

    Alex Cremers

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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff

    I have still been using AO as I do not yet have any better libaries. Recently the string quartet has become my medium of choice and I still like the p sustain (non legato) solo string samples in AO. The short attack sounds still seem somwhat comparable to the newer libaries aside from the lack of volicity splits. The f sustain and all \"legato\" sounds, however, are very weak.

    I will likly get the Dan Dean solo strings or Garritain lite strings very soon. I cannot get the Kirk Hunter solo strings through Canadian distributers and thus would have to pay both currency excahnge and and dam customs (which is often like 25% of the cost! Dam Canadian taxes!)

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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff

    (which is often like 25% of the cost! Dam Canadian taxes!)
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Well, I know this is no political forum, but still this is related to sample library prices.
    Please don\'t judge too hard on taxes. School free for everybody, helth and medcin for everybody, assurance in retirement for everybody: What makes it possible? Taxes. If there were no taxes these things would be only for those who can afford them. Taxes are a symbol of solidarity. I\'m glad for you, you have taxes in Canada.
    My political opinion,

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    Re: Old library discussions/stuff


    I wouldn\'t recommend Gary\'s Lite Strings for String Quartet. From what I\'ve heard they\'re great for backing a Jazz or Pop mix, and offer a serious starting point for orchestral. But they\'re not solo strings. I\'ve read that Gary will do solo strings at some time in the future. I won\'t comment on the quality of DDSS, since I don\'t own them, but on a quantitative level you get a lot more data in Kirk\'s Strings.

    KHSS has lots of articulations (and a bit more, I believe, in the yet-to-be-released update). And the ariculations are wonderfully played. There\'s just enough veriation between samples to make it human, but not so much that they draw attention to themselves. And there are many, many velocity layers, all nicely matched with long, long tails. The sustains aren\'t loops, they are bowed turnarounds. Sure, loadtimes can be a bit long, but you can easily do a string quartet on a single PC. I peak at about 32 voice polyphony.

    Some don\'t care for the tone - well, the tone of some demos (not all critics are owners). I quite like the sound. The only negative for me is a slight resonance in the upper-mids/lower-highs, but that may be in my speakers. I\'m confindent that I\'ll be able to find that frequency and EQ it down a couple of dB.

    Don\'t decide on a library based on 25% tax. Get a library that you will enjoy making music with. For an example, check out the Spider! thread. It may not be your cup of tea, but one poster said that he lost himself in the music, and forgot to listen for the quality of the samples. If Kirk\'s samples didn\'t measure up, I never would have gotten that reaction.

    And Markus makes a good point. Think of your taxes spent as a contribution to humanity.

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