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Topic: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

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    3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    King: You rule.. thank you for ever mentioning SoundStage.. *drool* I just downloaded the trial, and I\'m blown away. I\'m sitting here with a track of an oboe playing, moving it around the orchestra stage, and hearing it reposition in my Sony MDRs realistically. Not to mention you can change the dimensions/shape of the room, mic types, etc.. wow. I don\'t really grasp the mic types though.. hypercard, supercard, bidirectional..hmm.

    BTW, here is a comparison of NFX1 vs. SIR reverb.. I can\'t hear too much difference here:


    PS: For those interested in trying out the SoundStage (it\'s a DX plugin), it\'s here: http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/AudioFX3/default.asp

    EDIT: Here\'s an example of a string section run through SoundStage.. NO reverb at all, and all were panned dead center before processing.


    Pardon the effect disappearing suddenly towards the end. The trial limits you to just a few seconds.

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    Sorry but that soundstage clip sounds absolutely horrible. I believe you have to be very gentle when using it - do subtle settings? I don\'t know.. I\'m never gonna use it anyway

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    I\'m probably using it wrong. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img] I\'m sure it has potential with the right settings though.. King has spoken positively of SoundStage before. Maybe he could toss his two cents in if he reads this.

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    you cant hear the difference between the SIR and NFX? I mean I know its not BLATENTLY obvious, but to me its obvious. I like the SIR one better

    about Soundstage. Bruce tipped me off to it.

    The way I use it, is set some high absorbtion and trapping rates, so I can get control of early reflections and basically get \"placement\" and then use a convolver or other reverb for the \"tail\" in reverbs.

    I\'m thinking once the whole MIR stuff starts popping up (from multiple people) this will be my choice for most room simulations

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!


    If you\'re not hearing a difference between NFX and SIR, then you need to practice your listening or get better monitors. Even through the Radio Shack Minimus speakers connected to my business machine, I can hear quite a difference. The SIR version sounds much better to me.

    The differences between reverbs are going to be subtle, but subtlety is what makes the difference between good and average.

    -- Martin

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    What are the differences in sound between the NFX & SIR clips I posted? I\'ve got my Sony MDR-7506s plugged in.. the SIR is a little louder, but I can\'t tell much of a difference.

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    The difference between the NFX and SIR clips is not even close subtle. I can hear it clearly from my ordinary RCA speakers.

    I have Soundstage too, but it\'s kinda difficult for me to use it effectively.


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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    Sam, if I can offer my humble and non-professional opinion;

    In the NFX1 clip the reverb sounds quite tinny and there seems to be a presence of mids in the strings that are a little harsh.

    The SIR clip took me a moment to identify the difference, but generally it just sounds sweeter.

    To me, the biggest difference in the SIR clip is not so much what is there but what is NOT there.

    If you jump back to the NFX1 clip and compare, it seems a bit harsh and grating.

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    Man, I\'d better stick to composition and stay away from audio tech [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img] I must have poor hearing or something. I simply cannot hear the difference between the two clips.

    At any rate, I\'m sure King is jumping for joy because this is the day I\'m dumping NFX1 reverb forever.. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: 3D graphical stage positioning? THANKS King!

    The only reason I still use NFX is beucase its faster. If I want to use a direct X or a VST plugin effect I have to bounce down the track individualy. Import it. Try and sync it up (trial and error) which takes ages somtimes. - Argh, I really wish giga at least had offline bouncing... it would make things SO much easier.


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