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Topic: Validation of GPO and IO features

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    Validation of GPO and IO features

    This is my first post! Starting my third twenties I wanted to get into music again, so I've got an entry level DAW (SONAR X1 Studio) and I'm ready to start using orchestra.

    The Garritan's site says IO is for those who want to jump into playing music without all the work of orchestration. Still, by just comparing GPO and IO samples I feel IO has much more that just factory made ensembles! The variety of effects, choirs, glissandi, is far more of what we can do with GPO. Am I wrong?

    It seems to me that if I want to compose, say, a concert, with soloist, or a small camera group, GPO will help me with very particular individual sounds. I would compose a group by adding a Gagliano plus a Sgarobotto and a Wurlitzer harp. I cannot do that with instant orchestra, right?

    In other words, I would need both libraries to be a happy man. Or do would you say I can do all that IO can do from GPO, only with more work and a little of Sonar's help?

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    Re: Validation of GPO and IO features

    IO is mostly ensembles. I recommend getting both libraries as they compliment each other. You will need GPO for solo instruments.


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    Re: Validation of GPO and IO features

    Welcome to the Forum, willmarpo

    Jim "Haydn" has steered you absolutely right. If you're able to get just one Library at present, get GPO first. It's a full orchestra with all the individual instruments you need, plus some grouped instruments of strings and brass. Percussion, Harp, Piano is included. Those are the building blocks of MIDI composition.

    Instant Orchestra is fantastic, and a very different animal from GPO. As Jim said, it's made up mostly of ensembles, and big layers of sound that are great. Individual instruments aren't there, because that's not what IO is about.

    The combination of GPO and IO is killer.

    By the way, Sonar X1 Studio is hardly an "entry level DAW." That's top notch. The Producer has some more goodies, but X1 Studio is a full tilt, professional level program. The "entry level" programs from Cakewalk are Home Studio, and the Light versions of X1.

    Get those Garritan Libraries and start making music!


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