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Topic: Drum Kit From Hell

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    Drum Kit From Hell

    Does anyone else have a problem with abnormally low volume with this kit? The kit sounds great!!! But it\'s too quiet compared to everything else in an arrangement. I had this problem too with some Samplehead drum libraries as well. Pain in the butt to go and boost everything. Am I doing something wrong here?

    Also, the kit doesn\'t follow the set-up of most standard midi kits...is there a standard midi kit set up in this bundle and I\'m just missing it? I\'m using the gigasampler version.

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    Re: Drum Kit From Hell

    This is a forum where the producers of the library can answer your questions:
    I am not sure if they are checking the Northern Sounds forum here.

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    Re: Drum Kit From Hell

    Same problem with the Battery version. I fix it by selecting all cells and boosting the output by +10 db. Takes about 15 seconds. There is no standard midi kit in the bundle but they have a special drum map that you can load that will solve that issue.
    Two annoying problems. An excellent library.

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