The PMI GRANDIOSO piano libraries have been a big success trough the whole music industry. Many composers and musicians have used to GRANDIOSO libraries (both live and in the studio) with amazing results. Visit our website to listen to some user demos in our company website

We are very proud to announce that all 3 pianos (Steinway D, Bösendorfer 290 and the Yamaha C7) are now available in several versions:

Full version: These offer both microphone perspectives and thus more choices as to how to combine these in surround or stacked set-ups. The full version works with the excellent GRANDIOSO FX plug-in for Maple tools which adds a lot of functionality not found in any other piano library: true re-pedalling, pedal noise and extra release layers. (*Maple only works with PC based systems and is designed for Giga).
The full versions are available in Giga and Kontakt format, with EXS and HALION format coming in a week or two.

LE (light edition); these versions must be considered as “budget” versions or a way to get to know the sound before deciding to invest in the full product. They offer one microphone perspective only. Thus giving the option to buy only what you really need. The LE version is now available in the next formats
- LE Kontakt
- LE Giga
The LE versions are: PMI Bösendorfer 290 Dry and PMI Bösendorfer 290 WET, PMI Steinway D LE and PMI YAMAHA C7 Ambient and PMI YAMAHA C7 Close.

We have done our first demo with all 3 GRANDIOSO piano side by side:
Comparison using Debussy Reverie:
Bosendorfer 290 Dry
Yamaha C7 Ambient
Steinway D LE

A new user demo of the PMI Yamaha C7:
Blade runner theme on the PMI GRANDIOSO C7 LE

A user demo of the PMI Steinway D LE Pictures at an exhibition

And then there are these two little clips that show the PMI Bosendorfer 290 in a non-classical music context:
Cotton Fields Jam
Georgia Impro

Michiel Post