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Topic: Computer freezing...

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    Computer freezing...

    My 2nd gigamachine keeps freezing up. It didn\'t use to do this, but for some reason now after the computer is on for 5 minutes or so, it simply freezes up. Any reason why it\'d be doing that? Any suggestions to \'tweak\' my system to prevent this crap?

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    Re: Computer freezing...

    Aaron, have you installed anything new on it lately? Hardware or software? If you can try and uninstall/remove it and see how you go.

    If it is XP you can restore the system back to an earlier workable time, and if it is either 2k/XP you can examine the error logs to see what message you are getting.


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    Re: Computer freezing...

    Make sure you\'re processor fan is still running. This is a major cause of lockups after a short time.

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    Re: Computer freezing...

    Good point Haydn. Overheating can cause your machine to shut down too. Aaron, have you moved the machine recently? It may not be getting enough ventilation.

    Also, after it shuts down next time, reboot, and go to the BIOS and have a look at the current temperature settings. Come to think of it though, if a machine has shut down from overheating, you usually cant fire it up for a few minutes until it cools down.

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