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Topic: Freezing tracks in balky Logic 8

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    Freezing tracks in balky Logic 8

    i just upgraded to GPO4, and playback of a fairly simple project (3 instances of Aria, 16 tracks each, but only 5 with any midi data//one ESX midi piano and one vocal track) is getting unresponsive. I have a new Macbook pro with 8 gigs ram, big fast drive, fresh install, etcetera.

    My problem is that on playback gpo will hesitate for several seconds while waiting to start playback, then refuse to stop or respond to input for several seconds once it gets rolling. This happens about half of the time. At other times it responds flawlessly. No other apps or utils are running. I've done a full reboot.

    I want to freeze tracks in the Aria multis to see if they are the problem, but the freeze buttons are gone.

    Any suggestions?



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    Re: Freezing tracks in balky Logic 8

    Quote Originally Posted by Cre8tv View Post
    I want to freeze tracks in the Aria multis to see if they are the problem, but the freeze buttons are gone...
    Hi, Rick - I'm still hoping that a Logic user finds your question and has the answer. Logic users are fairly rare animals though. You will have more people seeing your post if you go the General Discussion Forum and post it. It's OK that your question is technical. General is where most everything gets posted now - questions, info, sometimes music.

    Meanwhile - I pulled the part of your post out that I don't understand. And that could be because I use Sonar and not Logic. Freezing tracks I'm familiar with - though I prefer bouncing to tracks, but in Sonar both routines are giving you an audio track of your MIDI work. In Sonar, the freezing/bouncing functions are totally inside the program, in Sonar - and there are no special settings that need to be done with ARIA. Do you mean that in Logic there are freeze buttons that are supposed to appear on a synth instead of in the track-?


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    Re: Freezing tracks in balky Logic 8

    I'm not in the studio just now but I'm sure there's a 'view' tab above the arrange page, and in there something like 'configure track header' which enables you to tick a box to see freeze buttons in the arrange page tracks.

    Having said that, I wouldn't expect to have to freeze tracks in such a simple project - there has to be another issue..

    But freezing would solve the problem right now I guess..



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