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Topic: Pedal Steel Sampling

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    Pedal Steel Sampling

    I understand that the pedal steel is incredibly complex in terms of sampling because there are so man variables and bends that can be done. I\'m aware that there are some loops and notes on Whole Lotta Country as well as a few loops on American Heartland. I haven\'t checked out Loops of Hazzard yet, but the name implies that it\'s all loops.
    My question is what would be some of the considerations for doing a full out sample cd solution for E9 Nashville tuning(dedicated to country music).....yes I know many hate country here...., but I would imagine that many Nashville producers would take advantage of a total pedal steel solution.
    Would sampling a pedal steel effectively simply require crossfades so you can bend between different notes and slides using the pitch wheel? If this has been done already, please fill me in on the company and format. I\'d imagine that it could require many cd\'s but I\'m just wondering on the viability of something like this. Loops are helpful at times, but it would be nice to get to a more sophisticated level of instrumentation.
    Thanks in Advance Travis Barnes

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sampling

    I think a combination approach of VSL\'s legato and Time Machine in Kontakt could work. Problem is, that would be a crap load of samples and would need alot of RAM.

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sampling

    Yeah! The VSL legato would be great for pedal steel and sax as well. Those tools seem to solve alot of problems and I look forward to seeing what comes down the line with the new technology.
    Imagine sliding up & down the strings of the steel pedal by connecting notes on the keyboard like the VSL legato instruments. You could have a couple speeds of gliding. It would be alot of samples though. You have to record every possible note slide from half step to an octave (at least) up and down from every note you have. Double that for another speed.
    Have fun

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    Re: Pedal Steel Sampling

    I wouldn\'t really call it \"new technology\", just a willingness to add the additional hours of recording and sample editing.

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