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Topic: Wolves

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    Anyone else have a problem with wolves whilst working with samples ?

    I can cope with the odd minor dissonance but some wolves are just appalling. Obviously, retuning cocks up the rest of the temperament and shifting to a different sample doesn\'t always fix the problem.

    Any ideas please ?

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    Re: Wolves

    ummm, I had a real problem with a Labrador puppy once. He refused to sing \'Rock Around The Clock\'. (apparently no fan of the genre). Luckily, the breed has a very even temperament, we managed to keep dissonance between us to a minimum, and eventually got the job done.

    I still haven\'t seen his bill for the session...

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    Re: Wolves

    I got my husky to stop howling when I caught her in teh act once.

    She was outside howling along with a siren, and I snuck up to the door and jsut watched her, she kept howling then glanced at the door, started to howl again and did a doble take back to the door... realized I was watching and never did it again hehee

    Tho she does begin to cry/howl if I lock her outside. Talk about a bad singer.... If it didn\'t break my heart to hear it I\'d sample it.

    so maybe you can sneak up on one and catch it in the act...... on second thought, dont do that

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    Re: Wolves

    Quick fix...just toss em a cat every now and then. That\'ll keep em busy...

    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Silver Octopus:
    [QB] Anyone else have a problem with wolves whilst working with samples ?

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    Re: Wolves

    Actually, I\'ve had more trouble with civet cats passing viruses to my boot drive.

    But I\'ve found that with the wolves, if I take a flute patch tuned to ``mitteltoenig\'\' and then transpose it upward about three or four octaves, it\'ll generate whistling sounds that drive away the wolves.


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    Re: Wolves

    Actually, I was recording a video tutorial the other day and had my parrot squawking in the background. I had to feed the little bugger and do the whole thing again....

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    Re: Wolves

    Apart from the numerous entertaining replies to your post, I\'m going to go out on a limb here and assume that you are talking about music and not canines. At any rate I personally have not had any problem with wolves and I don\'t think that there can be any easy fix. What kind of instrument sample are you running into trouble with? If the dissonance is really horrible and the original tuning of the sampled instrument was that poor I\'d find a different instrument (I know, not terribly helpful). The only other thing I can think of would be to adjust the wave samples in an editor like Soundforge one by one. I don\'t see why it couldn\'t be done but depending on how many notes we\'re talking about (if it\'s a sampled piano with multiple layers) it could take a very long time. Sorry I can\'t be more helpful. Oh, and on the off chance that it is a canine issue, I know that farmers used to keep llamas in with their sheep to ward off coyotes. Perhaps the same thing is applicable for larger species of wild dogs. Just get a bigger llama.

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    Re: Wolves

    Wolves? [img]images/icons/shocked.gif[/img] yeah, werewolves are the worst.. I guess cause you don\'t know \"where\" the wolf\'s comin from in your system.... Can\'t say that I\'ve had too much trouble of late with the wolves.. Knock on wood. GT

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    Re: Wolves

    Thanks for the amusement.....

    It\'s just the occasional major third wolf on high pitches on samples with loads of complex harmonics. I can understand the description of St Pauls Tubas sounding like red hot coals and get that effect to a greater or lesser extent but one or two intervals are close to meltdown. Ah well I suppose another reworking is in order.............

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    Re: Wolves

    Do you get the feeling that we all missed something here?


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