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Topic: Where's this crackling coming from?

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    Where\'s this crackling coming from?

    I\'ve got this crackling sound when the SAM Trombones are at full blast.. the volume is at 100, the reverb is off so it can\'t be that.. there\'s no actual clipping anywhere. So, what\'s causing this?


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    Re: Where\'s this crackling coming from?

    Hey Sam,

    It is probably Gigastudio doing that. Volume at 100 doesn\'t really say much. Giga can clip pretty easily, even with low fader settings and the \"signal meters\" not really going into red.

    Try lowering the Giga master outs or busses.


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    Re: Where\'s this crackling coming from?

    Thanks Maarten.. lowering the master out in the DSP resolves the problem

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