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Topic: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I've done

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    Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Here\'s a new demo of that \"big band\" song


    I\'ve spent time reprogramming a ton of QLB into Kontakt, and using Time machine to control sfz/crecendos, falls, staccs, and all sorts of stuff. It gives me opportunities to keep things in time, or accent differently, and still get all that \"sizzle\" from real players doing the accents.

    There is an issue with the bass bone, it didnt render correctly, so you hear that it crecendos too fast, and the staccs dont change (they are in fact really splatty...which is more like a real bass bone I guess, but I\'d like them to move more.). There\'s also some \"alignment\" issues, so some instruments sound late.

    The mix is a different story. It could be much better, I decided to mix in a different environment, then had to rush it.

    The original for comparison is at


    if you want to discuss the music, I\'ve posted a thread in the OT section.

    its at


    let me know what you think either way [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Wow that\'s really nice! I think we should do a Kontakt version of QLB (without the french horns, big band/ pop only) We would just need to add some more screaming solo trumpet leads. We could call it \"QLB Royale\".

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    more trumpet riffs


    definitely thats what I\'m missing.

    That and some crecendo/decrecendo samples. I\'ve thought about adding forward/reverse loops, but I\'d still like some that only go to the mezzo dynamics and back, instead of all the way to ff.

    Also some more sax runs up and down, as well as trills/shakes. That would be *IT* man. Aside form a full legato sampled set like VSl [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done


    I hope you get paid somehow for your time, especially if this triggers QL to put out a Kontakt version. Good Luck! $$$

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Hey Munz,

    I did all this reprogramming for an upcomming project. I\'m also going to look into buying 8 more machines (yes 8) for this project. I want to be Hans Zimmer [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] (if he were Henry Mancini that is [img]images/icons/tongue.gif[/img] )

    Actually I need to get this stuff to be \"up\" all teh time, because I cant waste time reloading patches constantly (tho Max at FXT may have a solution that could help me lower the number of systems if I\'m willing to do some rerouting [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] ).

    The Reprogramming was because they want the sound of the mock ups to be \"more realistic\" even if we decide to go live. I\'m still waiting on a reply from the client on this latest demo, but if all goes well then I\'ll get paid for my work through that first.

    Obviously if Nick and the guys at EW want to do something with the QLB stuff I\'ve done, then I\'m sure we\'d work something out. Nick\'s been very good about similar stuff in the past. Maybe I can get them to buy me a \"Dream machine\" or two hehee

    anyway thanks! And hows your stuff coming along?

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done


    ***Great*** sounding demo. I like the bad-boy sound that you were able to get from it. No tuxedos in the audience! It has the down and dirty feel that I like from the two recent \"Daddy\" swing bands.

    I\'m wondering if it would be practical to sequence something like this using Giga, then pull out the \"dummy notes\" and paint the \"riffs\" in using ACID. Sure, time stretching in the sampler may be more efficient in the long run, but in the short-term you had all that programming to do.

    Anyway, nice job!

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Great sounding brass & I love the hyper bongos in the front.

    Your \"drummer\" sounds like he took a few too many uppers though. tell him to calm down.


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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Did you bring in a drummer for this?
    If not I would love to know were the
    drums are from.

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done

    Great work King. That is probably the most convincing sampled big band style piece I\'ve heard, and it\'s a great composition too!

    There was a long silent part (over a minute) at the end of the mp3 though. What\'s up with that?

    -- Martin

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    Re: Some ideas of the new QLB programming I\'ve done


    I dont think so. Jsut about EVERY note in this piece is manipulated in time somehow.

    The only real \"phrases\" are the trumpet rip/trill/falls and the sax falls.

    Everything else is stacatto or sfz/ft articulations. If it was all just time stretching, then you could jsut record each instrument as a seperate track and then time stretch to the correct length, but there is also time compression, which makes this impossible since not all the notes would play to the full length. If you were to go in after the fact and time stretch/comrpess and replace each note...it would jsut take forever.

    If it was jsut for the rips/falls, then yah, but I dont feel taht you get enough performance from filters/volume manipulation in realtime. You need to change the lengths of the actual crecendos and stacattos.

    Chris, I\'ll hide the coke next time [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    ddk, the drums are from a lib called Real Giga Drums. They are only the \"overhead\" mics from Kit #3. I honestly feel the drums could be a bit better. Its fairly mechanical now that the brass is alot more \"live\" sounding. In the old mix it was the best part.... dammit... not to mention that makes the above comment look bad, so I\'ll jsut say CAFFIENE!! [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


    Bad render. In the old mix you can hear the \"generic\" part of the music thats supposed to go there. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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