I just had my old windows xp computer crash. I was using Finale 2009 and Cubase SX3 on it with garritan personal orchestra, stradivari, vienna solo strings and some xsample stuff and emperor bosendorfer in Kontakt. If I get a windows 7 PC apparently I cannot load SX3 due to installer incompatibilities (or Kontakt). I have to upgrade (for $400) to Cubase 6, but of course I get new functionality. I was happy with SX3 however. Is it still possible to load SX3 onto a new mac (like a mac mini running lion)? The difference in the hardware cost would be offset by the software cost I guess, and I am happy with my old setup. I assume the vienna instrument will run on the mac (or I can download a version that does), but will it plug in to SX3? Similarly for my Kontakt 2.5. You can see I have been clinging to my setup a long time. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks,