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Topic: Editor for OS X

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    Editor for OS X

    Anybody know of a good cheap (preferably free) editor for OS X. I often like to edit loops and things at home on my laptop, and find myself CONSTANTLY (like tonight) leaving my Logic XS key at the studio....err.. I don\'t really need logic for these edits (although this is a perfect example of why copy protection blows) so just a basic editor would be fine..... any suggestions?

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    Re: Editor for OS X

    Well... there\'s free, and there\'s cheap, and there\'s too damned expensive. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    On the free side, Spark ME is a free version of Spark - and it\'s OSX only... and it\'s somewhat limited; but for basic editing, it should do. I haven\'t tried out this new version yet; the old OS9 version always left me feeling kind of \"ehhh... it\'s okay.\" Felt klunky, but hey - it was free.

    A new one you might like to try out is DSP-Quattro (http://www.dsp-quattro.com/); it\'s a full featured editor with an impressive list of features, and it\'s only around $100. They have downloadable demos, and while I haven\'t tried the OSX version, I\'ve played around with the OS9 demo a little - and it was pretty darned nifty. I need to work with it more, but it\'s definitely caught my attention.

    pHatmatikPro (http://www.bitshiftaudio.com/products/phatmatikpro/) is mostly a loop editor (very similar to Recycle), has limited audio capabilities and just went up in price to $150 - but depending on your needs, it might be an option. They do have a free version as well, but it\'s pretty limited in everything it does. (I\'m a pretty dedicated Recycle user, so I haven\'t felt a need to try it yet.)

    And then there\'s Peak ($500), & PeakLe (I\'d say $99, but that would be misleading - updates regularly run $49). Argh. Don\'t get me started.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I\'ll admit that I have a bias against Bias. That said, I use Peak. When I have to. Don\'t get me wrong - it does what I need it to do when I need it - and it does do it well; BUT it\'s WAY overpriced, its hit-and-run VST functionality can leave you fuming, they haven\'t updated their documentation since the last time the Smith Brothers shaved (we\'re talking about the guys on the cough drops box), and Bias\' update policy (think $150 for what amounts to a minor bug fix - although they actually call it an all new version) has guaranteed that I\'ll be changing editors when Peak 3.2 has outlived its usefulness.

    Other than that, it\'s a fine program. [img]images/icons/grin.gif[/img]

    Per the above, of course, Your Milage May Vary. Hope this helps a bit.

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    Re: Editor for OS X

    Thanks! I\'ll check them out

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    Re: Editor for OS X

    Or you could run Pro Tools Free under OS 9.

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    Re: Editor for OS X

    Yea... but will PT free run under OS 9 in classic?

    OH! I know... I have 828... doesn\'t MOTU have an OS X audio app to run with that?

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    Re: Editor for OS X

    No, MIDI and audio programs don\'t work under classic.

    I\'m 95% sure MOTU has an OS X version of AudioDesk, and Digital Performer v. 4 is OS X only.

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