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Topic: this sucks!

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    this sucks!

    i am ready to buy the performance VSL right now!
    i mean right now. this second!! BUT i want to hear a demo of the qlso to make sure i am not missing anything. since my mixing skills kinda sucks ( i think at least) the qlso sounds attractive (on paper that is). for now i have not heard anything that sounds like the vsl- at least when its mixed right. where are those qlso demos??!
    the vsl pro edition should be coming out soon and i feel a bit pressured if i want that vip pricing!!
    yikes! [img]images/icons/mad.gif[/img]

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    Re: this sucks!


    My advice would be to not be lured by the VIP pricing. What is the amount of money lost if you wait till pro comes out.. $150, $200? Think of that as your cost to get to hear EWQLSO and to actually compare the two in order to make a very well-thought out and researched decision.

    When it comes to that amount of money, I personally would not fool around. Resist the temptation to \"GET IT NOW!!!\" [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] EWQLSO demos should be out soon, from what I\'ve been reading. Then you can make your judgments on both, and be happy with your purchase.

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    Re: this sucks!

    \"and to actually compare the two in order to make a very well-thought out and researched decision.\"

    How on earth could you EVER compare them without actually playing them yourself. I\'m STILL shocked the majority of you STILL spend hundreds or thousands on on a library without DEMANDING to have a demo version (limited sounds, or expire function) that you can load into your system and see how it will work. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: this sucks!

    too true, munsie! We are an honest bunch, and we will pay for what we use if it meets our expectations.

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    Re: this sucks!

    Originally posted by Munsie:
    How on earth could you EVER compare them without actually playing them yourself. [img]images/icons/confused.gif[/img]
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Answer: VSL Demo Cube. It includes about 40 (memory?) samples (limited to one octave or so) and Performance Set software and samples. $10 from Ilio. This solves half the problem anyway.

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    Re: this sucks!

    Hi Mike
    The price difference between the full package
    VIP price and non-vip price is 310 Eur.

    VSL has promised to announce the release date of the pro-edition way ahead, so as to give every-body a chance to jump on the VIP wagon.
    And a release data has\'nt yet been announced at
    the VLS site - so you still got some time.


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    Re: this sucks!

    I\'m almost positive I read on the VSL site or maybe Ilio site that the release of the pro edition would be in conjunction with the release of Giga 3.0, so I imagine we have lots of time to choose yet. I\'ll try to find that web page and post it on here for you to see [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] I do agree there should be a demo of the product, but I think most products that are on the spendy side speak for themselves...

    EDIT here is the link GIGA 3.0 release with VSL PRO

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    Re: this sucks!

    I plan on getting QLSO.
    but the VSL PRO Performance Edition seems like it would be a very nice companion along with QLSO, kind of the best of both worlds. I really wish VSL came in a Kontakt version. This would solve alot of issues raised on thinking about having both. I guess a Mac setup would be the \"current\" solution.... Giga3? is that like Santa and the easter bunny?

    Aaron Dirk

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    Re: this sucks!

    Lee, you have no idea how right you are.

    To be honest, all the \"big\" libs in the past two years that have been released have been amazing, and \"need\" to be used for some application if you ask me.

    Everyone screams at me for being \"even handed\" when it comes to the general question of \"which is better\" the truth is not one is. Each fare better for different applications. Ask me for a particular style, or if one fair better at a particular sound and I\'ll give you an honest Opine, but I\'m finally glad to not be the only one that says it.

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