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Topic: ARIA Player 1.500 in new update of Finale

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    ARIA Player 1.500 in new update of Finale

    I downloaded Finale 2012's newest update and it did indeed have ARIA Player 1.500 included. When I started setting up my Christmas project and selected "Garritan Aria Player" instead of the default "Garritan Instruments for Finale", I got the new interface and two very pleasant surprises.

    1. The attack parameters for the Trumpet 1, Pl 1, 2, and 3 are now excellent. They used to produce a tha, tha, tha start to each note and now get a very clean and crisp ta, ta, ta. These three trumpets are now ideal for articulate symphonic trumpet sounds. The keyswitched muted trumpets are also excellent. This might be the result of better implementation of Finale's Human Playback, but in any case, the results are great.

    2. In Finale, I used to have to make large changes to the base volume level of individual patches to get the GPO instruments to balance with each other. So far this seems to be much better and only a few small changes are needed.

    The new interface is very attractive.

    So far I have had no bad things happen.


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    Re: ARIA Player 1.500 in new update of Finale

    That's a great report, Norman! Interesting about the trumpets - I hadn't notice they'd changed. Well, that's a nice bonus!

    Hopefully other folks will soon get to see for themselves how great the new ARIA is.


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