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Topic: Simple Sequencer Question

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    Simple Sequencer Question

    I am interested in performing an organ piece in gigastudio and then playing back my performance while recording the pedal on top of the existing recording (as I am using a standard midi keyboard and have no pedalboard). What is the best program for doing this sort of thing? I will have no use for anything terribly sophisticated as I will only be using keyboard instruments and will never be mixing large ensembles. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Re: Simple Sequencer Question

    Any sequencer that records MIDI should be able to do that easily. Just record one midi track with the key part and another with the pedal part and play both through Giga.

    I use Sonar, but even Cakewalk Home Studio which is much cheaper should be able to handle that easily.

    There are also some shareware sequencers that would do the trick as well. Try:


    for n-Track Studio.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Simple Sequencer Question

    N-Track, ProTools Free for starters. Do a Google search, and voila...


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