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Topic: Gigasampler versus Hauptwerk / Balance

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    Gigasampler versus Hauptwerk / Balance

    Any experiences? Is this like the native B-4 the answer for the classical trained organists?

    How to balance different (merged) instruments in GSEdit?

    Later, Peter

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    Re: Gigasampler versus Hauptwerk / Balance

    Hi Peter,
    Since no one else seems to have experience I\'ll chime in:
    Hauptwerk is a host software platform (like Giga) that loads libraries. Just like Giga. The main difference is that Hauptwerk is a RAM-based software application (vs a disk streaming application). The advantage is that there is almost no limit to the amount of voices (Samples) available: Hauptwerk can playback up to 1.800 stereo samples (depending on RAM and processor performance) simultaneously vs. Giga\'s 80 stereo voices. This is very important when working with organ sounds. Since organs produce a sound that is combination of multiple single pipes, Hauptwerk gives you the ultimate tool to do the same. You can select as many single voices at the same time and thus make a real registration that plays back all the needed stops and voices just like in the real organ. When playing a tutti sound, you can actually have 50 single samples play for each key pressed! Even couplers and tremulants are possible. The interface is just like a real organ (see the screendump at:
    Hauptwerk homepage)

    How does this compare to Giga? In giga you can only play as many programs as the polyphony meter allows you to. In case of my MAX organs you can combine -say- 8 programs (thus playing 16 samples under each key or 32 if you use release triggers for ambience). Now when you play a 6 note chord + 1 foot bass note you will likely crash giga as it can not deal with this amount of data.

    Hauptwerk will be released as a VI, I know that. But I have no information about what format he will use (VST, DXi or other).

    I released the Post Positive Organ as a Hauptwerk library and it is a big improvement over the older Giga 2 version. I\'m currently working on my Post Theatre Organs for Hauptwerk and I\'m shure oters will follow.

    Hope this helps.
    Michiel Post

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    Re: Gigasampler versus Hauptwerk / Balance

    would the same approach also make sense for a Hammond B3 drawbar library??

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