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Topic: OT: Midi Controller opinion required.

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    OT: Midi Controller opinion required.

    I\'m in the process of reprogramming my midi controller. It has 16 Faders. Which type of controllers would be of the most use i.e. Volume, Mod, Expression etc.


    Rich B

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    Re: OT: Midi Controller opinion required.

    Mod and expression are the two I leave set as defaults on my controller. Other than that though, it depends on the style of music and the instrument I\'m using.

    Atmosphere has a whole heap of CC\'s that can be assigned to it as do other soft synths.

    If you are doing dance music the brightness controller (CC 71 I think) is a good one for filter sweeps.


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    Re: OT: Midi Controller opinion required.

    I think this is an accidental \"how long is a piece of string\" question, because it totally depends on what the receiving device has been programmed to respond to. Often that changes from program to program.

    Also, most if not all sequencers can map MIDI controllers in real time, so if you only have, say, something with a mod wheel (cc1), you can change that into breath (cc2).

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