Forum member Tom Davis has posted the first piece in The Listening Room using the new Garritan Classic Pipe Organs - Here's that thread:

Bustedude piece rendered by Tom Davis

That inspired me to put together more demos of the Organs library, starting with another piece by Bustedude.

I used passages from MIDI files which can be found on the thread where I also demoed all 75 of the stops:

Demos of all 75 Organ stops plus bonus MIDI files

You'll find the 4 new demos here:

Baroque and Modern Organ demos

Using the Baroque Large Cathedral Ensemble pre-set:
Buxtehude - Prelude and Fugue in D
Bruhns - Prelude in G

Using the Modern 2 Symphonic Concert Hall Ensemble pre-set:
Andriessen - Intermezzo 1
Asma - Aria Verlosser

Since these demos use Ensemble pre-sets, all stops play throughout each MP3. I simply loaded the Ensembles, and played the MIDI files using them. For a more sophisticated use of the Library, individual stop combinations would be featured at various points throughout.