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Topic: Major Problem: clicking computer

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    Major Problem: clicking computer

    My network card went bad in my pc so I decided to put a new one in. When I went to boot up after installing the new card the computer just clicks and will not boot (nothing at all). I did some investigating a discovered that it is the cd rom drive and hard drive where the clicking is coming from. I even tried taking out the new network card but still got the same problem. Now I can\'t boot at all.

    Any suggestions? In desperate need of help! [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]


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    Re: Major Problem: clicking computer

    Are you familiar with taking your PC apart yourself? You might want to disconnect all the drives but the HD, and see if it will boot. Are there any errors the mobo reports on startup?

    Don\'t want to scare you, but a clicking noise sounds like the HD has died.

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    Re: Major Problem: clicking computer

    Thank you so much for your response! I have tried just about everything I know to do. I have the computer apart and I tried disconnecting drives but no luck. Can I set the jumpers to something to reset the bios perhaps? Also the computer is not even triggering the monitor so I get no message whatsoever.


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    Re: Major Problem: clicking computer

    Hi Morris,

    First bit of advice: try not to panic. Boy, have I made bad decisions when I panicked!

    I\'d suggest not messing with the bios just yet either, that should be a last resort.

    I think what Sovereign was referring to has to do with beep codes that come from the mobo if something isn\'t right, this often tells you the nature of the problem. If you hear a beep code let us know, many people here could probably tell you what it means.

    This may be obvious, but often things can become lose if you\'re inside the box changing something. If you haven\'t already, I\'d make sure the memory is seated well. You might even want to take it out, then put it back in, that sometimes resets things. I\'d also make sure that both ends of the cable to your hard drive are firmly attached, and the power supply to the HD too. When you turn the computer on with the case open, do you hear the hard drive spinning. If not, that\'s another sign the drive may be bad. Sorry if this is all obvious to you.

    Do you have a backup ms-dos statup floppy disk on hand? It often doesn\'t have to be specific to your OS, so you could borrow someone else\'s if need be. You would insert the disk before starting the computer. If your computer starts ok from the floppy you\'ll at least know that your motherboard and memory are ok.

    Let us know how you make out!


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