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Topic: Hi, How are you?

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    Hi, How are you?

    Hi all!
    It's just that I have known the Garritan instruments and regularly read the forum every day.
    I wanted to post my song I made ​​with some Garritan libraries.
    This was made ​​with Logic Pro
    Violini1, Violini2, Solo Violin, Viola, Cello, Basses from GPO4.
    Full Brass Unison by IO.


    What do you think?

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    Re: Hi, How are you?

    Hi, DeeJoy - After all this time of visiting the Forums, it's great that you finally stepped forward to say Hi! Hope you make it more of a habit to jump in and get involved here.

    Since you've been visiting often, you've probably noticed that the rate of posts is kind of slow, so we could use more participation.

    Music is usually posted in The Listening Room Forum - That's where people expect to find music to listen to, and it helps keep things straight here on the group of Garritan Forums. You could post your piece again there if you want - more people are apt to find it.

    The basic, simple rules of posting in The Listening Room are to always have some Garritan instruments included in your recordings, and to share the front page space by not posting multiple times in a given week.

    "Bag"--- where did that title come from? The sub-title, "I'll be there" is understandable, but "Bag"--? You got me curious.

    We don't have much loop-oriented music posted, so that's one interesting difference in "Bag." Naturally that makes the music of a very repetitive nature, but you've done a lot during the track to keep this always changing a bit, keeping up interest.

    Here are a few observations, naturally all being my opinions, with no claim that my opinions are more important than anyone else's:

    -There are some unusual progressions in your chord structure, and taken by themselves, they're pleasant. What I find missing is very much musical voice leading to meld the progression more solidly together. There's a keyboard player feeling throughout, "comping" through the chords, one to the next rather directly, rather than with passing tones, voice leading the listener from one chord to the next.

    -There is some extremely wide panning that makes some elements sound disconnected from the central sounds, because they're sitting off to what sounds like 100% left and 100% right. Wide stereo can sound great, but using panning this extreme should only be reserved for very rare cases where you intentionally Want a sound to be detached from the rest, like some sound effects in a film sound track.

    -Your use of the Garritan strings is especially "keyboard player" in style - meaning it sounds like someone playing chords with a string pad, rather than producing arrangements for strings which are more emulative of the way strings are actually used. The only way to get strings sounding more natural in a recording is to work on each line separately, and to keep the octave spread as broad as possible, way beyond what you can reach with your hands on the keyboard.

    In other words, this sounds like what synth players used to do, still do, when just blocking off big pads of string sounds in the way a rhythm piano is played. Maybe that's what you wanted, but for me, it's the strings which could instead be doing most of the voice leading work I referred to above.

    -Maybe something happened with your SoundCloud upload, but the file just suddenly cuts off. Or maybe that's how you wanted it to end?


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    Re: Hi, How are you?

    Very nice, solid and enjoyable: A piece that could easily become a dance favorite, a film score or a pop tune. It feels so effortless.

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    Re: Hi, How are you?

    Heck of a nice job on this -- "great bones", as they say.

    Randy's production comments are well taken (they always are).

    From my perspective, I think a quick fix would be to get more legato on those strings, and slush 'em up a bit -- it'd be more consistent with the style.

    I'd also dump the birdies. You don't need them, and they distract from the drive.

    That said, get in there, really work the production on this, and you're headed toward some seriously pro work.

    And yes, do post in the Listening Room, of course! Looking forward to hearing where this goes.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Hi, How are you?

    Thanks everyone for the kind words and suggestions, they are always welcome! I've already done some changes: this is my last mix...


    ps: see you soon in The Listening Room Forum...

    Thank you, sincerely


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