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Topic: New Rain Piano Demos

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    New Rain Piano Demos

    Perry Montauredes has written and recorded a couple of great demos using the Rain Piano.
    You can listen to them here:Perry\'s Rain Piano Demo 1
    Perry\'s Rain Piano Demo 2
    You can read more about this unique instrument

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    Re: New Rain Piano Demos

    I love this piano sound!
    First demo sounds great. Good job Perry [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

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    Re: New Rain Piano Demos

    Thanks Patrick, for your post.
    I really enjoyed working with the rain piano.
    The sound is really fresh. I also used Drumkit from Hell (which I love) for the drums, with a little Liquid Grooves thrown in and Larry Seyer\'s Upright bass. Thank you Worra, for creating such a wonderful Piano library.

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