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Topic: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

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    Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    This is an arrangement I did of Forever Racher from FFVI. It was created to sound as if it were recorded on an old lp record which has been aged, which is why you hear table noise and distortion. I have a passion for old things such as music and even movies. I used Garritan Instant Orchestra instruments to arrange this.

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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Nice, Richard! I've been looking forward to hearing more from you. I certainly had no disappointments.

    This is lovely music, and produced very nicely. You are getting such good results with Instant Orchestra. Besides the great sample sets in that Library, your clean and clear use of them deserves a good round of applause.

    AND the Arranger and Composer credits are duly noted - Perfect. Classy.

    I hope you don't mind, but your post also inspired me to add a tech tip to your thread. Seems like I'm always lecturing away at you-- All in hopes that I'm being helpful!

    You like retro sound, and with this you wanted to give the impression that the music was on an old record. I heard the AC hum fade up at the beginning, but other than that, I couldn't hear the table noise and distortion you said are also in there. Whatever you used I would have to say was just used with too much subtlty. I didn't get the impression of an LP - It sounded like a digital recording with a bit of hum.

    If you really want to layer on a vinyl effect, my suggestion is to use some plug-ins specifically for doing that - maybe you did use such a plug-in, but if so, the settings were too low.

    What we need to hear is surface noise - the constant grinding of a needle on dusty grooves, and the occasional pop and scratch.

    I used two free FX I have for this, "Grungelizer" and "Vinylator" and added them to your MP3 as a demo:

    Dirty Old LP Demo

    I turned the AC hum controls off, since that's the one effect I can hear on your recording. But there's general noise, crackle, and the EQ controls are turned on to thin the sound out - that makes it something like playing records on portable players with built in speakers.

    Something missing on my demo is a good repeating scratch or two, and random pops. When I've produced recordings with this kind of record effect, I've always layered in an audio track with those extra FX on them.

    AND - Very important - For demo purposes only, I've laid the FX in more heavily than you'd actually want to use. The thing to do would be to first establish those sound in the earliest part of the recording, then slowly bring them down, almost fading them out completely. I think you did that, turning down FX as the music progressed, because the AC hum is much lower by the end of the track.-- That AC hum interfers with the music the most - I would suggest establishing that, then maybe even taking it out completely.

    Anyway, since you wanted to go for an LP sound - I had to let you know that I couldn't really hear it, and I wanted to encourage you to be more bold with those sorts of things.

    So, keep in mind that I simply added the FX to the whole track -I didn't mix them as you would want to, taking them down to a more subtle level after the first 10 seconds or so.


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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Great arrangement.

    Sounds wonderful when that element of noise is added. The recording becomes less naked and exposed, and the sound of the orchestra takes on a different, even more realistic flavour and tone.

    I agree with Randy though that the added noise wasn't so much indicative of an old recording, as more so just not a very crystal clear one.

    Apart from layering vinyl crackle and pops just like Randy suggests, I also EQ out an element of the bass. The more extreme you apply this, the older the recording sounds. In fact, simply put, the narrower you make the whole frequency (bass and treble) the older it sounds. But this depends on just how old you want it to sound.

    Too much and it will be like a gramophone.
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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Yes! Very well done, beautifully produced and performed, Richard.

    And thank you for including proper credits... so often inexcusably omitted these days.

    This richly earned three listens. I'd love to hear you take on a major piece -- you're certainly developing the chops for it. The fluidity and emotional control on this are first rate.


    David Sosnowski

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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Thanks for the feedback!

    Your version does sound more old and more fitting than mine. I think you nailed it on the spot. The settings were a bit reduced. I used Izotope's free vinyl plugin. I guess I should have cut out the bass and the highs a bit more. Thanks for sharing the names of the other plugins I will have to try them out too. I am very interested in this kind of stuff. I have already composed quite a few pieces over the last few years using this similar style.

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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Hi Richard,

    Nicely done ... again! These arrangements are so tender and evocative ... Like David, I look forward to hearing you stretch-out. In the mean time, I'm enjoying these short-but-sweet pieces.

    Interesting technical sidebars w/ the 'aged vinyl phonograph' tips ... thanks Randy and Graham.

    And so GREAT to see you listing the proper credits Richard ... very professional!



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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Hey, Richard - I hope you've noticed that you have some really nice responses to this piece, great feedback and encouragement. I came back to listen again, and decided to boost you back up, in case you hadn't noticed the responses piling up.


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    Re: Final Fantasy VI - Forever Rachel (Old and Classical)

    Hey Randy!

    Thanks for listening again and accepting me as a regular I also want to thank everyone for the comments and feedback. I have been listening to quite a few of everyone's compositions and they also sound great. I will also start posting more of my feedback as well.

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