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Topic: Project 5??

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    Project 5??

    A friend of mine, who is a Sonar user, is thinking of getting into the world of software synths etc by buying Project 5. I haven\'t heard much about this. Is anyone here familiar with it? Will he be able to use cutting edge sample libraries with its sampler, or will he additionally have to buy Kontakt for that? How good are the other tools?



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    Re: Project 5??

    I don\'t know anything about the samplers, but it does basically give you acid functionality in a rewire app - very valuable. There are a couple apps out there that do this - BUT NOT ACID! The made it a rewire CLIENT, but not SERVER.

    Maybe they\'re gearing up to make a bid for a new sequencer - I can\'t think of any other reason other than brash stupidity, which would be odd \'cause they do g0od work.

    Also keep an eye out on Mach5 from Motu - same Idea as project 5 and Reason. But watch out - Motu\'s pc support is legendary in kind of the wrong way...


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    Re: Project 5??

    Hi Rob,

    I don’t have Project 5 but I did go to a Project 5 showcase held by Cakewalk here in Manhattan a couple of weeks ago. I was really impressed. It isn’t really comparable to Kontact or Giga. It is designed for a different purpose I believe. Firstly, it operates seamlessly within Sonar. You can use its powerful editing platform to change and morph your tracks in Sonar. Also, it seems to really shine in electronic music sounds. I don’t completely understand all of its power yet, so I am still checking it out.

    Don’t throw out Giga or Kontact though <hehe> it doesn’t support all sample formats and Project 5 doesn’t stream. Personally, I am still learning Giga & Kontact and I know there are many things that I have yet to discover within these vast programs. I am not sure I am ready to take on another sampling program like Project 5, so I am going to look it over a bit more. In fact, Cakewalk is having a user group meeting here in NY on Thursday night and I am planning on going. If I learn more about Project 5 I’ll let you know.

    Have a great week.
    Garius Hill

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    Re: Project 5??


    project 5 is a softsynth workstation

    it comes with its own sampler that is good but not a replacement for kontakt it doesnt have all the mangling possibilites
    it also comes with a drum sampler called velocity which is good kind of a scaled down dr008 a very good synth drum synthesizer etc
    a good collection

    but i would compare because to me it seems very cpu intensive it has got better with the latest update but still needs more work

    the rewire still needs a lot of work or in any case for me with cubase sx

    it has a very nice work flow but i am personally divided

    i think the new fruity studio 4-12 is much better for the money and of course it supports both vsti and dxi

    but if your friend primarily wants the syths and sampler that come with it than maybe it will be ok for his purposes

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    Re: Project 5??

    Hey, this is really helpful...thanks for your time everyone. Any other thoughts folks?

    Thanks again,


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    Re: Project 5??

    I have project5 and uses it with Sonar - works
    perfect and I disagree about the system load -
    it does\'nt seem to use a lot of ressources.
    I currently don\'t use it much though, since I\'m
    rather pre-occupied. If your fried is into massive
    sampling a\'la orchestral stuff etc. this is not
    the tool. Project5 is designed for all the types of electronic music ( trance/tecno etc. ) and
    does that extremly well IMO with an efficient workflow and good effects plug-ins.
    Anyway I thnk there\'s a demo avail. at:
    Project5 demo

    kind regards

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    Re: Project 5??

    I use P5 daily and it works very well. You should know that you can use VST & DX instruments and effects in it. So you could operate something like Kontakt in it which I do successfully for live performances. In this regard it is better than V-Stack. V-Stack does not load DXis and there is no conversion software that I know of. Both V-Stack and P5 do not have the feature to bring in Audio, e.g., voice via mic., etc. so that you can use things like a vocalizer, etc.

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    Re: Project 5??

    I had the same choice to make. Ultimately, I went with Reason given the reviews I read and it I found more positive things that users had to say about it than I did for P5. It\'s an incredibly deep program and worth every penny. The synth sounds aren\'t as fat and rich as hardware, but neither is the price. Your friend may want to read the SOS reviews of both products before making a decision. If money is an issue and he wants to start out with a lot of sounds, another thing worth considering for a sampler is Kompakt, it comes with 2 GB of quality sounds.


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    Re: Project 5??

    Thanks again everybody. This has been very helpful.


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