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Topic: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

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    Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    I have not been able to format a firewire hard drive with a format that both the Mac and PC can read/write information onto. I have tried Fat16/Fat32/NTFS with no luck. The ISSO 9660 used in burning CD Roms works (on CD Roms !) but is there a ISSO 9660 Hard Drive format - and if so what program formats this file structure.

    Ernest Cholakis
    Numerical Sound

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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    This program might help out. I\'m currently working on the same problem and I was guided towards this link:

    cross-platform drive software

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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    Thanks Michiel

    I did attempt to format the drive which is a 120Gig in XP. The Win XP would not allow Fat 32 only NSFS. What program formats the UDF file structure ?

    My Mac\'s do read the Joliet files (I have the shareware program). The Mac will not even mount the Firewire drives.


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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    I don\'t know how to format drives with UDF structure. I use it with DVD\'s and CD-ROM\'s to keep them cross platform.

    Another thing; why not leave the firewire drive on the PC and share the drive using a program such as MACLAN? (plus migrator). This way you can access the drive on the MAC via a network. Not as fast as on the Firewire port but at least it will allow you to work. You can read/write all files with both machines. The Mac will have a data transfer limitation based on your network speed.

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    Senior Member Bruce A. Richardson's Avatar
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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    Hi Ernest,

    Do you have a W9x or ME startup disc? If so, you could format FAT32 with that, using FDISK and FORMAT commands.

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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    Thanks Bruce and Michiel. I tried FDisk with a 98 startup disk yesterday but I used format command in XP is there a FAT32 format command on the start up disk ? I check that out.


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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    Hi Ernest,
    I have a set of USB2/Firewire drives that migrate from PC to Mac without problems.
    I formatted the drive (hanging on the IDE bus of the PC) as standard FAT32. Then place the drive in the USB/Firewire caddy.
    Maybe you need to install the Joliet file extension in your Mac ext folder. It\'s freeware and needed to translate the DOS/Joliet file naming system.
    I do have some other utils running on the Mac to correctly \"see\" the drive as the data structure is different on both platforms (Mac\'s use a double recource fork, where PC use only one).

    Another thing you could try is using the UDF file structure, designed to overcome platform borders.

    Michiel Post

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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    usually the format-command is not on the disk - you\'ll find it on the CD in a folder named oldmsdos. for some reason in W2K/XP there is a 32GB-limit for formatting with FAT32. so far i\'ve not been lucky to format a large firewire-drive with FAT32 :-(, also macOS seems to like more to get a logic drive than a primary partition

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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    Eventually I was able to format the 120 Gig firewire drive in FAT 32 (a friend formated it with Partition Magic 8.0). The Mac/PC can now read and edit the wav files on both platforms.

    The only access issue left is that the wav files created on the PC cannot immediately be read or playback on the Mac with Peak (OS X version) one must first re-convert the wav file to another wav file before Peak reads is - I use SoundHack for this. A Peak created wav file works OK when the firewire drive is transfered over to the PC.


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    Re: Firewire Drive Format that R/W Mac & PC files

    do you have barbabatch?
    Audio Ease
    Same Dutch guys that wrote Altiverb.
    You can call Peter and he\'ll talk you through this routine.

    I experienced the same problems when transferring files from ProTools (Mac) to the PC-world and back into proTools.
    It says WAV but the file header and \"directory B structure\" does some abracadabra that mess things up but can easily be solved.
    Barbabatch has an excellent manual that explains most of these issues.
    I do remeber how I solved this: over the LAN. Miracles take place when MacLan receives the Mac files on the PC and -vice versa- when MacLan writes the PC files straigh on the Mac drives...

    I still have to re-convert files when they are transferred via CD\'s (burned on Windows platforms and going to MacOS). So if you solve this one let me know!

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