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Topic: Besides the big three...???

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    Besides the big three...???

    There are so many fantastic & unique pianos out there. I have spent the last few months playing as many different brands of pianos as possible, going store to store, theatre to theatre, venue to venue. Steinway, Bos & Yamaha are wonderful pianos in their own right, but seem to be being sampled over & over. I wanna hear something new!!! Howabout a Mason & Hamlin, maybe a Bluthner or August Foerster, Shiguru or Estonia... Baldwin (Kip?) Let\'s tell those talented sound developers what we would like to have next! Throw me a bone!!!

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    Re: Besides the big three...???

    I\'m very much enjoying Kevin Moreland\'s Kawai piano for Giga. Nice and cheap too at $35. Very nice for that slow and pretty piano piece.



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    Re: Besides the big three...???

    Of course there\'s also Faziolo - huge and powerful sounding, although the two I\'ve heard sound a little metallic to me.

    Anyway, Lee\'s right, although I think you can probably make general comments. Yamahas are smooth and even, while Steinways are less so but have more character.

    I once read that they used the best registers from different pianos to come up with the Kurzweil K250 one.

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    Re: Besides the big three...???

    I\'ve got a 90 year old Mason and Hamlin, but I don\'t really have the time to create a piano sample. I could probably record the samples if someone else would program it.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Besides the big three...???

    My point is that there are so many amazing and different sounding instruments. I am not categorizing them by brands, just questioning why Yamaha, Bos & Steinway are being repeatedly sampled, & so many other fantastic makes left aside (I unintentionally left many out!). Is it all about name recognition? I played an August Foerster 275 this week that was so crystal clear & full, a tone I have yet to hear matched (yes, it was brand new & beautifully prepped). I would now like to see a broadening of the horizons when it comes to the instruments chosen for sampling! yes, this coming from the guy who begged not yet a year ago for a quality Yamaha C7 library to replace the infamous Gigapiano. (Thanks Franky!)

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    Re: Besides the big three...???

    Piano brand names mean nothing.
    What we should look for is the best piano technicians. They are the ones making these things sound the way they do. A Bösendorfer in Vienna will sound totally different from one in New York.
    The piano sample should use the name of the technician not the brand.

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