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Topic: Mach 5

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    Mach 5

    I haven\'t heard anything about this since It\'s release. I\'ve not talked to anyone who\'s using it, I\'ve not heard any developers speaking of it (although I think it converts any of about 500 formats so developers don\'t need to create for it). I guess it\'s just going to be a casualty in the sampler world? I\'m really happy with my EXS 24, and I use it anytime I can over giga. I\'m sure with the new stuff from Kontact and all the Kompakt type collections, we won\'t have to worry about Giga in the future [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Mach 5

    It\'s not out yet.

    I couldn\'t wait anymore so I made the jump to logic and exs.

    Motu not only lost a buyer for mach 5 but also a performer user of 15 years.

    2 things could get me back.
    Killer streaming in mach 5.
    DP supporting audio units vsti\'s WHILE running DAE.

    Neither of these will be implemented anytime soon from what I can gather.

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    Re: Mach 5

    You\'ll probably be able to run a \"generic\" CoreAudio (or whatever the OS X standard is called) sound card while running DAE, but I haven\'t heard that you can run AUs out a Pro Tools interface in DP while also using DAE. Am I wrong?

    You can do that in Logic (OS 9 or X) but that\'s because they wrote ESB, a driver that siphons the entire native engine (VST, Logic native, and all) into the DAE-driven mixer.

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    Re: Mach 5


    If you notice, the announcements of support of Pro Tools HD and the Audio Unit announcements are in seperate paraphraphs.

    Thats for a good reason.

    You will not be able to run DP 4.1 in DAE mode AND use audio units vsti\'s.

    I was about to upgrade when the seperation in those announcements caught my eye.

    So I called MOTU.

    The answer was..... \"well if you want to run audio units soft synths you MUST run DP in MASS mode\" .

    I asked if motu had any plans for a logic like bridge that would allow this to work.


    Then the young tech support kid, who was barely older than my TOTAL YEARS SPENT USING PERFORMER, suggested that using my 192 interface in MAS mode was a better choice.

    I had him get the tech supervisor on the phone. I explained to him that I was going to move to Logic just because of this ONE limitation.
    His only suggestion was that I write to the President of Motu.

    I ordered logic with my next phone call.

    Bummed I was.
    Headache I had with logic for the first couple days.
    Like Yoda I am now typing.

    The amazing thing about those conversations was that both guys acted like I was asking for something that NO ONE ELSE ever asked for.
    Like it was the most minor thing they ever heard of?

    Is that because everybody who runs a similair system already jumped to logic?

    When I state that I was a long time performer user........
    Mac plus. 1meg ram Dual floppy drives.
    One drive held the system and performer.
    the other held the sequences.
    NO Hard drives at all.
    Performer (not digital) 1.1
    The conductor track wasn\'t even part of it yet. that came in 1.14
    I was just a kid but I loved that system.

    I still have it in my basement. every once and awhile I set it up and damn if the mac plus doesn\'t still boot up!!!

    How the hell did we ever work on that tiny black and white screen!

    If motu added this one feature I would go back to DP.
    I did write the letter. I doubt they care.

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    Re: Mach 5

    well...thats crap....i hear what your saying ed...as soon as I have some down time im going to be checking logic out...im amazed you even got through to talk to someone on the phone over there!

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    Re: Mach 5

    Originally posted by Sharmy:
    I\'m still on DP but have started the move over to Logic and completed my firsrt cut yesterday. I plan to be running both for a while but hopefully soon be out of DP. I\'m a 10 year user.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">How are you adjusting Sharmy? is it headache inducing like it was for Ed? (im only a 6 year user, but i know DP in & out) Do you feel logic is a better program to DP, or just a good program with a solid company backing it?

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    Re: Mach 5

    I can assure everyone M5 is NOT vaporware.

    I can\'t say much other than to state that it is being used on a daily basis by testers.

    This is not much different than the \"next week\" promised by NI for disk streaming on the Mac, which finally came after many many next weeks, and still doesn\'t work (on my setup anyway). NI wanted to \"get it right,\" and so does MOTU.

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    Re: Mach 5

    Originally posted by ed hamilton:
    It\'s not out yet.

    I couldn\'t wait anymore so I made the jump to logic and exs.

    Motu not only lost a buyer for mach 5 but also a performer user of 15 years.

    2 things could get me back.
    Killer streaming in mach 5.
    DP supporting audio units vsti\'s WHILE running DAE.

    Neither of these will be implemented anytime soon from what I can gather.
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">Hey Ed...no word on Mach 5, but 4.1 wont let you run Au vsti\'s while running DAE?



    Print-ready and web-ready product images are here:


    July 16, 2003. MOTU, Inc. (www.motu.com) announced Digital Performer 4.1, a
    free update for Version 4.0 users that supports the Digidesign Audio Engine
    (DAE) and runs Audio Units plug-ins and virtual instruments. The update will
    also include numerous other enhancements such as new virtual instrument

    Pro Tools DAE support
    Digital Performer 4.1 can serve as a complete software front-end for a Pro
    Tools HD or Mix system, giving users full access to their TDM plug-ins and
    automated Pro Tools mixing environment. DP4.1 supports fully expanded Pro
    Tools systems at any sample rate up to 192kHz. Users can take advantage of
    DP4.1\'s powerful MIDI sequencing features in combination with their Pro
    Tools power-on-demand audio production environment.

    Support for Audio Units plug-ins
    Audio Units is a new plug-in standard developed by Apple Computer. Digital
    Performer 4.1 serves as an Audio Unit (AU) host, in which users can open and
    operate as many Audio Unit-compatible plug-ins and virtual instruments as
    their computer allows. Many plug-in developers have already shipped AU
    versions of their plug-ins, with many more on the way.

    Virtual instrument tracks
    DP4.1\'s new virtual instrument (VI) tracks give users access to all AU- and
    MAS-compatible VI plug-ins installed on their computer. Virtual instrument
    tracks are easily created with the following shortcut: the user chooses the
    desired instrument directly from the Add Instrument Track command sub-menu.
    Or they can choose the desired instrument from the special instrument insert
    at the top of the Inserts section in the Mixing Board. The remaining insert
    slots provide DSP plug-ins (in both MAS and AU formats), which can be
    applied to the virtual instrument\'s output signal. DP 4.1 users can create
    as many instrument tracks as they wish, and open as many virtual instruments
    as their computer processing resources allow. DP4.1\'s virtual instrument
    support provides near-sample accurate timing performance. This means that in
    most circumstances (with typical buffer size settings), notes play no more
    than a sample earlier or later than the MIDI note that triggers them.

    Document templates
    DP4.1 allows users to choose from a list of document templates when opening
    a new project. For example, one template provides 16 MIDI tracks and 32
    audio tracks. Users can create, save, and use their own templates as well.
    Document templates not only help users get started more quickly, they serve
    as examples for how various types of projects can be set up.

    Recent Documents
    The new Recent Documents item in DP4.1\'s File menu provides a sub-menu list
    of the last ten DP4 projects that have been opened, allowing users to
    quickly access recent work.

    Shift to Marker
    DP4.1\'s shift command now provides an option to shift any selected material
    directly to any marker in the project.

    Snap to Marker
    When the new \'Snap to Marker\' menu item is checked, objects dragged in
    DP4.1\'s MIDI and audio graphic editors snap to the nearest marker location
    when they approach the marker.

    Input/output display in the Mixing Board
    In previous versions of Digital Performer, users could access each track\'s
    input and output assignments from a menu below the track name. In DP4.1, the
    input and output can now be displayed below the track name. Users can choose
    to show or hide the input/output display.

    OMF file import/export enhancements
    DP4.1\'s ability to import and export OMF files has been improved.

    Digital Performer 4.1 will be provided as a free download to all registered
    Version 4.0 users. The updater will be posted on Friday, August 8th, 2003


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    Re: Mach 5

    Well that would explain why I haven\'t heard anything. Based on the web site I presumed it was out. That probably explains why so many of my friends here who also are long time DP users are switching to Logic. I guess it\'s just the Logical jump!

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    Re: Mach 5

    Originally posted by J. Whaley:
    I guess it\'s just the Logical jump!
    <font size=\"2\" face=\"Verdana, Arial\">GROOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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