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Topic: Hello Everyone! Fellow Piano Lover Here

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    Red face Hello Everyone! Fellow Piano Lover Here

    Hello Everyone, my name is Elizabeth Farrell. I am a music,voice and piano instructor in Sarasota,Fl. I just wanted to say hello and that I look froward to being apart of your community. I love playing the piano and even though I am an instructor, I still need a coach myself!

    I launched my website and give Sarasota piano lessons, voice lessons and more after I left the public school system where I was a music director at a private academy. It has been a great decision and hope all of us music lovers can find our peace as artists. I also offer Sarasota voice lessons also!

    Thanks and I look forward to interacting with the community. Please visit my website if you get a chance. My plan is to make it not only a promotion about me but a resource for students, piano lovers all over as I continue to build it.

    Elizabeth D. Farrell

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    Re: Hello Everyone! Fellow Piano Lover Here

    Link shared in your post is really very useful for me.
    Thanks for making this post


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