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Topic: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

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    Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Sorry about that. Server went down. It\'s back up.

    This mp3 is all in real time.
    Check out the playability.

    Notice the variations in volume and legato.
    Also, listen for the \"human\" sounds.


    Please email me for the file.

    GPC2 = Attack
    Mod Down = sample with breath/lip noise
    Mod Up = sample fade away

    ***post feedback here***

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    All three of the flutes that have been posted recently sound good. Far better than any flutes I have heard previously. However, yours is definitely the most cost effective [smile].

    I\'m anxious to try playing it.

    -- Martin

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    There is also an art file for this instrument
    created by, Rick Chadwick

    \"This art file only uses samples Joan 2, 3, 4, 5 and Jaon 6 in the default samples folder, which drops the size to about 2mb.

    It has two patches:

    Softer Flute EG fade works like the original, but the fade dimension just uses envelopes fades on the normal samples.
    (I set the decay so that you could just hear the breath at the end of the decay - similar to what you have in the preocessed fades).
    Softer Flute MW is a single dimension version which just uses manual mod wheel changes to fade the normal samples. Rick.

    I adjusted the tuning on the flute samples to match my gear here.\"

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Francis - the mp3 sample demonstrates capabilities beyond what I now have, so I\'m anxious to obtain the link. Thank you for your works...

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Hey Francis-

    The mp3 sounds great! The \'human\' sounds are what\'s intriguing to me. I\'m anxious to get a link to the file. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]


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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Hi all.
    Long time stalker of the forum [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

    I understand that this is not a KH or VSL flute.
    Heck, it\'s free. You really did something very cool with the sound design. (That\'s my job too)

    Something Strange.Gig is very impressive as well.
    Thank you for your hard work.

    Matt S.

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Hey Francis,
    Your mp3 of the gig sounds great. I\'m anxious to see how it plays. I\'ll post my thoughts as soon as I get a chance to try it out.

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Hi Frank:

    Just to let you know I thought the flute mp3 demo was very playable sounding, very pleasing to listen to. I would like to get a copy of the gig file to try out. BTW what reverb did you add?


    Thank you clueless. It was (cough cough) NFX Small hall.

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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)

    Please find the art file @



    Rick has fixed the tuning.
    I detuned it for affect. This art file will bring it back. Perhaps save as Detune and 440.


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    Re: Legato Flute.Gig (Freeware)


    I\'ll take the whole flute bundle..sounds and art files..E-mail it to: saxman28@optonline.net

    thanks in advance..

    Alan Russell

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