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Topic: MACH 5 Shipped today.

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    MACH 5 Shipped today.

    I just got a call from my dealer.

    I had placed an order for Mach 5 many moons ago. I cancelled that order when I switched to logic and exs but they messed up.

    So mach 5 is on its way to my door today.

    I will post a review after i spend a couple days beating it up.

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    Re: MACH 5 Shipped today.

    Thats very cool! Can\'t find any info about it anywhere though. Hope it\'s true. [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]


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    Re: MACH 5 Shipped today.

    Thanks for this little update, Ed!!

    Mach 5 was like one of those things you see advertised around the place for ages but forget about because its been a long time for the release (like EWQLSO!).

    Can\'t wait to hear your thoughts once you\'ve used it!

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