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Topic: I Need Your Ears !

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    I Need Your Ears !

    Hi All,

    I\'ve been putting together this snippet and I\'ve been having a little trouble getting the sound I\'m after.

    I think my problem areas are the reverb and perhaps the mixing. (I\'m not a veteran mixer)

    Also how is the stereo field? (I\'m mixing on headphones)

    The Approach

    Any comments are appreciated...

    PS: I realize that it clips a couple times... I recorded it a little too hot. [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img]

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: I Need Your Ears !

    Very Nice piece!

    The tremolo strings in the opening sound great. Good bass rumble too! Why not have all tremolo strings in the beginning? That low sustain certainly adds depth, but so does the bass drum rumble (if that\'s what it is). What would the piece sound like if you substituted the opening low sustained notes with a (contrabass) tremolo? Perhaps it would muddy the mix. (It may be fine just the way it is.)

    I like the soft plodding hits of the drums. Can you tell me what sound libraries you are using? Stings and percussion in particular.

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    Re: I Need Your Ears !

    Thanks for the replies guys.

    The strings were GOS (The basses and celli at the beginning were from KI\'s Hollywood Strings update. Thanks King)

    The percussion is none other than Tob\'s Bassdrum and Cymbals. I can\'t get enough of that stuff.

    I was thinking about using tremolo on the celli and basses. I\'ll try your suggestion and post the results. I\'ll also try with a little more verb in the ending part.

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    Re: I Need Your Ears !

    There are a lot of clicks, but I guess you are aware of them. The stereo-field is pretty fine, but the reverb is bad. There is too much high end, and it sounds like it dies out linearly. Try setting the cutoff on the verb at around 3khz - if it is there already, try another reverb

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    Re: I Need Your Ears !

    I found out the clicks are not from clipping.

    It\'s got something to do with my lightpipe.

    I\'m going from an RME 96/8 PAD to a Motu 828 mk2. When I listen to the analog output of the RME, there\'s no clicking. But when I listen to it through the ADAT input of the 828, there is!!! [img]images/icons/frown.gif[/img]

    I\'ve some some investigating to do.

    Thanks again for your input everyone.

    Ben Ripley

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    Re: I Need Your Ears !

    Nice piece, Ben.

    The mixing on it sounds OK to me.. but then again, I have no clue what I\'m doing with mixes/reverb [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img] Maybe it could use a little more reverb, to get a sense of depth.

    Just my two cents.

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