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Topic: Uninstalling Omnisphere ? Trillian

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    Thumbs down Uninstalling Omnisphere ? Trillian

    First up hey to all. Lurrrve the wealth of info here. I have recently bought Trillian and Omnisphere and have only had them 75% working.

    I have managed to balls up the instillation on these two AUs. I am gutted as I really want them to work immediately so I can get down to making sounds!

    I have been trying to delete the lot and re-install. Problem is I cant seem to do it!?

    Online, youtube, websites etc people say to delete a program on a MAC you need to find the application in applications and drag it to the trash. Then delete the associated files. Well I can't find a application anywhere as its a AU. Kinda makes sense but does not help me. mY KOMPLETE 7 install have application logos in my applications folder which makes me think I've done something very wrong here.

    I have tried deleting the STEAM folder and this still allows me to load the AU but it just cries out for the STEAM folder, I want to get rid of the lot (STEAM and program) and re-install.

    My issues were that I had two STEAM folders and had a load of missing patches and could not for love nor money get them to work, tried the usual refreshing browser, updating software and patch libraries but no joy. I sorted it out so I had one STEAM folder, referencing all CDs so that all files were in place but still had some missing patches?! Frustrating, ive been deleting STEAM folders and re installing them by dragging the db files over to my HD. I am not at a point where i have trillian supposedly installed fully via the install wizard bur it wont even show up in my ableton AU section.. :-(

    What is the proper method for deleting a AU and starting over!!!!??

    Is there a preferred install order for Trillian and Omnisphere?

    Running OS X 10.6.8 2.8 GHZ Intel Core i5 4GB RAM

    Cheers guys!

    Could not find any info in the manual about uninstalling these who I think is a little lazy.


    I found this thread about Ableton AUs


    I deleted the Onnisphere.component file. It has gone from my Ableton AU list now.

    Now, having deleted my STEAM folder and .componet files I think i have removed them successfully I shall try a re install, then upgrade the patches, software ect and see how goes!

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    Re: Uninstalling Omnisphere ? Trillian

    Omnisphere is perfection itself, so there has never been a need by anyone to ever uninstall it?

    I know that Spectrasonics products are not associated with NI, but if you go to the NI web site, you will find FAQs for uninstalling software like Kontakt from a Mac. If you just visit the same Mac folder locations such as the Library, Applications, Plug-ins etc. and uninstall anything related to Omnisphere, you should be fine. I can't guess where all your data folders might be located though. Also, if you don't have the computer skills to delete manually, there are many Mac programs for uninstalling apps completely, so you may wish to look into one of those. You could also check the Spectrasonics web and see if they have a similar FAQ. BTW, "AU" is a type of plug-in, like VST, and is not specific to Omnisphere or even Sonar, nor is it a term used to describe software like Omnisphere.

    You also mention "Trillian". I don't know what that is, but if you actually mean Trilian, then the same procedures can be followed to remove it as well. When I moved to a Mac a few years ago, I had to learn where plug-ins etc. are located and the FAQs from companies like NI were very helpful. Finally, Spectrasonics does have "Support", and have consistently requested here that people having problems or questions contact them first, so you could try that as well. HTH.
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