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Topic: Question re GIGA Sound cards...

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    Question re GIGA Sound cards...

    Given that I need a MIDI interface for the PC I\'ll be using GIGA with, do you guys think the Frontier DAKOTA card is a good choice? I\'ll only be sending midi to the PC from my MAC, and coming back to my Mac via SPDIF into Pro Tools.


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    Re: Question re GIGA Sound cards...

    How much do you want/are you willing to spend?

    Maybe the new RME HDSP 9636? MIDI, spdif and 2 ADAT\'s?


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    Re: Question re GIGA Sound cards...

    I\'ve had a Dakota for a few years now, and it\'s been GREAT! I\'ve had no problems with it whatsoever. Nice, solid stable clock. But if you\'re not using the lightpipe at all, or some of the other features, it might be a little overkill for you. Wavecenter PCI might be a better choice, which I also have.


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