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Topic: Upgrading to Windows 7

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    Upgrading to Windows 7

    I am considering (and dreading) upgrading to Windows 7 (can't even think about version 8 yet) from XP. My music workstation (which cost a fortune when I bought and which I can't afford to replace now) is a dual core with 2 GB of RAM and a video card with 512 MB of RAM. I bought another 2 GB, but Win XP and my current version of Sonar Producer (ver 6) choke on the extra RAM and crash all the time when more than 2 GB is installed.

    I am toying with upgrading Sonar to the current version and Kontakt to version 5 (from Kontakt 2, which I have now). I am also running several sample packages designed for the Kontakt 2 player, NI Akoustic Piano, and Real Guitar 2. My audio interface is a Roland FA-66. I am wondering whether these will all work acceptably if I upgrade to 4 GB of RAM and Windows 7. The whole purpose of this exercise would be to upgrade to a platform that will allow me to run the current versions of Kontakt and Sonar without rendering everything else useless.

    And then, there is the question of whether to run Windows 7 32 bit or 64 bit.

    I recently purchased a new pc with Windows 7, a quad core processor, and 6 GB of RAM, but I have had a lot of problems making existing hardware run with this OS (64 bit) and most of my apps were not compatible. I simply can't afford to upgrade every aspect of my music production machine at this time.

    Any thoughts on this appreciated. Thanks.

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    Re: Upgrading to Windows 7

    I suspect that you already know the answers to your most of your questions, but may wish to see them confirmed. I have no idea why you would fear upgrading to Windows 7 since it works well....other than for the financial reasons which seem to be at the heart of your post.

    I'd suggest, that if you want to create music on a computer in today's world, that you start with the computer itself. It, and a solid digital audio interface, are the foundation of any modern music system. Skimp on it, try to cut corners, try to mix old and new technology and under estimate its importance and one is probably going to run into problems. So I suggest that you focus on upgrading to that new and efficient computer and o/s, with sufficient RAM, and then follow with the software when you can afford it. 4 GB RAM is not enough (8 GB is now about minimal), RAM is not expensive and yes, you definitely want to aim for a 64 bit system now in order to utilize that RAM and current software. Many of the libraries that run in and require Kontakt 5 also need RAM to function.

    I have no idea why you feel that the o/s and system you describe would have problem with hardware, but perhaps the word "existing" is the key one. If you have a lot of outdated hardware and it is not designed to run with much beyond XP or drivers for Windows 7 have not been supplied then yes, you will have problems. Mixing old and new technology can often lead to nothing but frustration and problems. So along with your new computer, ensure that you are also using hardware and software that is compatible, and not just something based on wishful thinking.

    Like you, most people also have budgets and must consider what they can and can't afford. So that means we must also be smart as well as patient. Start with a solid foundation and add things when you can afford them. Try approaching this in another way and you may have regrets. Good luck with building your new system and I hope it leads to happier times in the future.
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