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Topic: Is it possible to share this....

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    Is it possible to share this....

    I\'m in an essential need to save space. So I\'m trying to get rid of extra stuff (du). Is it possible to share the same keyboard and mouse with a Mac and PC via a switcher? Does anyone know of a switcher that would allow this? Thanks

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    Re: Is it possible to share this....

    Thanks Dasher. I checked at CompUSA today and they don\'t have anything I can really use right now. I\'ve got to get back up and running, so I\'ll just have monitors hanging around for a while I guess [img]images/icons/smile.gif[/img]

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    Re: Is it possible to share this....

    Depends. If your Mac and PC both use USB keyboard and mouse, then you can get a KVM switch from a number of suppliers -Belden, several others, znd it will work fine. Check eBay for best deals.

    Don\'t get a passive (switch-only) box, though. Much cheaper, but they don\'t work. You need to be able to tell both computers there really is a keyboad and mouse out there even when there isn\'t, or the machines tend to have hissy fits.

    Also, be sure to get USB box, not serial.


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