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Topic: OT: Giga as a 'sound module'

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    OT: Giga as a \'sound module\'

    Saw a thread at the Tascam BBS on this.
    Looks very cool -


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    Re: OT: Giga as a \'sound module\'

    Looks very interesting...

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    Re: OT: Giga as a \'sound module\'

    Hi. Long, long time since I\'ve been here.

    Any info on price and availablility?

    Also, the web site talked about Mac and Windows, and it talked about Ebay. I looked on Ebay but didn\'t find anything current. What\'s the Mac reference?


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    Re: OT: Giga as a \'sound module\'

    These were up for sale on eBay a while back (3 months or so) for $999 without Gigastudio. I sent them a message advising them of this group, and the suitability of the box for GS, and they responded they were aware of the forum.

    Seem straight enough, but I couldn\'t vouch for them. The netMIDI software was not mentioned at that time. Looks very promising.


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